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Letters to the editor, November 25

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So-called tax break

Give yourself a Merry Christmas; not only for you and your family, but the millions of Americans whose life and health are dependent on Medicare and Medicaid.

Call or email your senators and urge them to vote "no" on the upcoming Senate tax cut bill. The bill as it now stands benefits the super-rich -- an alliance that has threatened Republican senators and some Democrats with an end to campaign funding if they fail to pass the Senate tax bill.

Why would they issue such an ultimatum? Because it is a massive tax break for those, that under the current tax system, pay far less than their share. It would increase the Trump family business by an estimated $1 billion.

The so-called tax break that promises the super-rich even more treasures comes with a price tag in the form of a huge cut in Medicare.

Trump and company have ballyhooed this money-grabbing plan as a tax benefit for the middle class, but actually it will bring about a tax increase to those earning less than $ 75,000 a year. This means most of us -- Republicans and Democrats -- are going to experience not only a loss of cash but a rise in health care costs.

Oh, how I would like to parade past the authors of the misnamed tax-cut bill with a sprig of mistletoe attached to the back of my belt.

Merry Christmas.

John Nance Garner,