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Letters to the editor, November 29

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Second-class status

This is regarding Julian Gill's article on the establishment of a committee to look into Confederate monuments in Denton County.

Only one woman was selected to serve on this 10-member committee. Shouldn't women, who constitute 50 percent of our population, have a significant voice in this important social issue?

We are robbing both women and Denton County of their important and unique perspective in informing committee deliberations. This committee composition, coming soon after the recently exposed large-scale sexual harassment of women, highlights the second-class status of the women in our society. This is not right and must be corrected.

Kesavan Srivilliputhur,

Stucky best candidate

During the past 85th legislative session, the Texas House took steps to eliminate the margins tax, commonly called the franchise tax. When asked the question of what will be the biggest boon to the Texas economy, analysts are quick to point to eliminating the franchise tax.

My friend, Dr. Lynn Stucky, our state representative and local veterinarian, was a vocal supporter of this.

As a business owner of 34 years, he is well aware of the detrimental effects of over-taxation on a small business. Since the tax was extended to LLPs in 2006, it has hindered the ability of people to start and expand businesses.

Although the bill died in the Texas Senate this past session, I am confident that Lynn will continue to push for the elimination of this anti-growth tax. That is why I am advocating for his re-election in the upcoming March Republican primary. His knowledge of our community is a big part of why he represented us well in his first term.

Denton is growing rapidly and with that comes unique challenges. Lynn's service on the Sanger ISD school board, Denton and Sanger chambers of commerce, and numerous other boards make him far and away the most qualified candidate for the job. He truly embodies the phrase, "If you don't know where you come from, then you don't know where you are going.

Ray Croff,