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Letters to the editor, December 4

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Do right thing

This new tax plan pending in Congress is not a plan for the people. It is a tax cut to the wealthiest Americans. This is a disgraceful ploy to defund ACA -- and just make donors happy.

What happened to being a servant for the people? When did big corporations become more important than the people of America? I'm sickened.

Note to Texas Sens. Cruz and Cornyn: Americans are watching. I am a middle-class American and I certainly do not mind paying a little higher taxes so my fellow Americans have access to health care, schools can get quality teachers, agencies and infrastructure are properly funded, etc.

I do not want this so-called tax cut. You better believe we will be at the polls next November. Do the right thing. Do what is best for all Americans -- not just your rich donors.

Kasey Francis-Eusea,

Sexual harassment

There are people pushing for a re-examination of charges of sexual harassment against former President Clinton. I agree. While we are at it, let's examine the charges for same against President Trump.

John Zeigler,

Make objections clear

The University of Chicago's Booth School of Business conducts an ongoing survey of the nation's leading economists. In a recent survey of 42 economists, only one answered that the nation's gross domestic product would be substantially higher a decade from now if the current tax cut legislation is passed.

All of these economists agreed that the legislation would make the national debt substantially higher a decade from now.

In my opinion, all that this legislation will accomplish is a large redistribution of wealth to the wealthy from everybody else. We should all make our objections to this law clear to our congressmen.

Bob Michaelsen,

Stop crazy leadership

I retired after 22 years as a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot. My current desire is the destruction of North Korea because that is what they want to do to us.

However, stop and think how easy it would be when you have more than 23 million citizens who are half-starved, have no medical care, no leadership and no chance of survival.

If we could stop their crazy leadership and then let the world furnish this starved group with food and medical with good leadership, they could then fall in line as South Korea has done. Even their common army is at least 30 percent under-fed and medically underserved.

This small North Korean leadership group should be eliminated and then let the world save a nation before their leadership creates our destruction.

Ray Roberts,