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Letters to the editor, December 5

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Keep focus on students

My comment is in regard to activists' righteous indignation over the DISD school board's decision to rename Lee Elementary School without prior announcement.

Perhaps unbeknown to those who haven't put heart and soul into placing children's education first, the degree to which our current culture's distractions make it extra difficult to keep the focus on helping students achieve academically is a not very important consideration.

Yet, because academic achievement measurement ignores the crises-oriented lives of our students, staff and public school supporters are constantly required to ameliorate factors outside of classroom instruction that influence learning.

In my opinion, the school board's decision accomplished what experienced and thoughtful representatives of my tax-paying interests are supposed to do -- protect schoolchildren and staff first. If only the open meetings act hadn't become a political tool for those trying to manipulate outcomes, the rule of law could always prevail. It is tragic that reality no longer exists.

Sometimes, speeding and running red lights to get to a hospital in an emergency are justified. The end result is the priority.

Donna Zelisko,

Same for all

Republicans' hatred for those who work hard for a living, yet earn less than $75,000 a year, is revealed in the currently debated tax law. The top tax rate is being dropped more than 50 percent while the bottom rate is increased 20 percent. Those at the lower rate are further punished with a loss of deductions and benefits.

Republicans want more wealth to go to people who inherit wealth from their parents. In spite of receiving the best education, houses, boats, cars, etc., they never have to work, and Republicans want those who have to work to support these pampered few. These few are in the top 1 percent of the population, but they control 40 percent of the nation's wealth.

This 1 percent acquires real estate, equities and privately owned corporations, all of which appreciate in value over a lifetime so that by not selling, they pay no tax on the appreciated value except for minor coincidental taxes.

Only the estate tax has been able to fairly tax appreciated value, but Republicans have whittled it down to affect only 0.2 percent of the population and have misnamed it the death tax.

Its real name is the "Bum Tax" because it creates a class of nonworkers supported by the rest of us. The multi-billionaire Warren Buffet plans to leave his children $1 million apiece so that they must work. The rest of us should insist on the same for all.

Walter Lindrose,