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Letters to the editor, December 7

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Leaning monument

On Oct. 8, I noticed the Confederate monument on the courthouse lawn was visibly leaning. I contacted various city, county and state entities providing a thorough description of the state of the monument with measurements I obtained.

I sent pictures of my measurements as visual proof that could be easily replicated in a matter of minutes by anyone with a proper level and a digital angle meter.

I received a prompt reply from the Texas Historical Commission that the issue would brought "to the attention of the Denton County Facilities Director." I contacted this entity on several occasions with no concrete reply.

I was ultimately instructed to contact the Office of the County Judge. I was informed by the office that an initial evaluation was completed, the monument presented no imminent danger to the public, it has been leaning for at least 40 years, the county was in the process of completing a more comprehensive structural analysis, and I would need to formally request any additional information.

On Oct. 9 and Dec. 3, I took measurements and pictures of the west and east pillars indicating that the west pillar has moved from 2.4 degrees to 2.6 degrees and the east pillar has moved from 2.1 degrees to 2.2 degrees.

If anything, I hope that this indicates a need to frequently and consistently assess the monument in order to maintain proper official records and data.

Jeff Felderhoff,