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Letters to the editor, December 9

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Swamp snakes

There is an uncomfortable pattern of behavior coming out of the White House, most lately brought more fully into the light in the Michael Flynn indictment.

That pattern is one of Trump's people and the president, himself, to use people to do their dirty work, and then throw the people they send to do such work under the most convenient bus when revelation approaches.

The swamp is not being drained. It is fuller of snakes than ever before!

John Zeigler,

Political pig farm

The Republican's income tax bill will harm most of our middle- and lower-income citizens and reward the higher income and fat cats. Reagan was the first to lower the taxes on the rich with his trickle-down economics. It didn't work then and won't work now.

The sad thing is Trump's undereducated base is the one taking the fall. This rushed tax bill is the work of the underbelly of our Republican political pig farm.

Next on the agenda is dismantling welfare to help pay for making the wealthy wealthier. This is how it works: Create a huge deficit so Republicans can now say we can't afford to support social programs.

What, me worry? This was the motto of Mad magazine's Alfred E. Neuman, whose world we now live in. Why should I worry? I get a big tax break. My problem lies in having empathy for our less fortunate.

I should become a Republican. That way I wouldn't give a damn about anyone but myself. Maybe I could become a self-absorbed narcissistic megalomaniac like out president. Wouldn't that be a trip? Maybe I could become Caesar.

But it now looks like the president's corrupt house of cards is beginning to fall. Robert Mueller will in time cut to the core. A White House built on "shifty" sand is sure to collapse.

Our Mad Hatter fantasy president is going to have to dig himself a new rabbit hole and hopefully take fantasy Fox down with him.

John T. Weber,