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Letters to the editor, December 13

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Exercise of power

Sexual abuse is a current brouhaha that generates more heat than light.

Men are more involved currently, but I am sure that women who have power also abuse it. I consider it sexual abuse for women to take advantage of no-fault divorce law.

Lord Acton famously said that all power tends to corrupt; I add that all exercise of power is viewed as oppression by those who lack power and many wish to topple the powerful, including myself!

Acton further said that most great men are bad men, so maybe it's necessary to be bad to become great! Stalin said that treaties are like pie crust, made to be broken, so maybe rules and laws are just mental straitjackets for the weak.

I admire Trump and Moore for not folding under assault. The current onslaught of accusations and confessions could further polarize, or it could desensitize us. Chivalry, if it ever existed, may have expired from industrialization and urbanization.

The current drift of things looks bad. Male versus female, rich versus poor, white versus non-white, disparate religions. Perhaps strife is inherent in humans. Our justice system would fall apart if one out of 12 jurors has bias. Fascism is what happens when the public is enough unhappy about disorder and invites rule by a strongman leader.

Meanwhile, I am hoping for a DNA upgrade for humanity!

Ross Melton Jr.,