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Letters to the editor, December 14

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Quit goose-stepping

To those who continually bring up President Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct, you are living in Christmas Past. You are trying to distract us from Christmas Present, Donald Trump's and Roy Moore's sexual misconduct, some consider far worse. Far worse as it involves child molestation and unwanted assault.

This is not unlike Republicans using the old Chicago tombstone voters, Christmas Past, while today Republicans, in Christmas Present, unpatriotically obstruct voting by closing polls early in certain districts, shutting down polling places in certain districts, not allowing student IDs in voting, insisting that the elderly and poor have certain almost unattainable IDs, and many more slick tricks.

This is Christmas Present, GOPers. Come to your senses and quit goose-stepping with your party.

Jim Stodola,

Protection from criminals

Awhile back I wrote into the letters section about criminals being let out on bond into the communities where they commited their crimes.

This does not keep that criminal from repeating the same or worse crime than the first time. A judge can order that the person must stay a given distance from, what is usually, another individual.

With today's electronics it would be easy to do. Both individuals involved would have devices on that would have an alarm and a vibrator that would go off when they got within the distance prohibited by the judge.

The police would be notified also as to what was going on and the GPS would show where the criminal was located. The criminal's unit could not be taken off. If it does, the alarm will go off. The individual who was being protected would have a choice as to either wear it or not. The risk is theirs.

A system like this will cost money. But what is a life worth?

James Penton,

Big hypocrites

Not sure where all the moral outrage on the left is coming from. In recent memory, leftists and Democrats have presided over the breakdown in America's morality in the highest office in the land, starting with John F. Kennedy and continuing on through Bill Clinton.

Some of the females denouncing U.S. Sen. Al Franken and U.S. Rep. John Conyers and their sexual misconduct thought Bill Clinton could do no wrong, and they even allowed him to campaign with them. Now, Bill and Hillary have been "thrown under the bus."

Wonder what these big hypocrites are up to with this sudden moral awakening? I have a good guess: bashing Republicans in 2018 with their new-found morality and planning to run another female (preferably a minority) against Trump in 2020.

Alice Gore,