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Letters to the editor, December 15

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Stop tax bill

The Republicans keep claiming that if you cut corporate taxes, businesses will pay workers more. They predict that the average household will receive $4,000 more.

However, when White House economic adviser Gary Cohn asked 36 CEOs how many would invest a tax cut in their businesses, only three said that they would. Any worker who thinks that he will get a $4,000 raise because of this tax cut is kidding himself.

If the Republicans really wanted to help the middle class, they would have put money directly in peoples' pockets by passing a payroll tax cut or expanding tax credits. Instead, they gave 50 percent of the tax cut to the top 5 percent of earners. We little people should get on the phone and stop this legislation.

Bob Michaelsen,

Give honest explanation

As reported by the Denton Record-Chronicle, Lisa Hendrickson resigned her position as Denton County GOP chairwoman in October, citing health concerns.

Less than two months later, the Cross Timbers Gazette has reported that Hendrickson is now working as executive director for Veronica Birkenstock's congressional campaign.

Should the people who elected Hendrickson believe that she wasn't healthy enough to finish her term as chairwoman, but is healthy enough to lead a congressional campaign?

Hendrickson owes an honest explanation to Denton County Republican voters, who elected her to a two-year term in 2016.

Birkenstock's slogan is "Right for Texas -- Bad for the Swamp," but it appears her campaign's executive director is more interested in joining the swamp in Washington than finishing the job that local Republicans entrusted her with.

Matthew Reyna, 

San Antonio