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Letters to the editor, December 18

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Magic number

New national polling shows that the Affordable Care Act has a 57 percent approval rating while the Republican tax reform act is polling at 29 percent approval.

Do the Republicans comprehend which has the higher approval percentage? The next magic number to appear on your horizon is 11-2018. We know what we will be having for lunch that day.

Jack Highfill,

Reach out to others

Peace and good will are prevalent during this holy season. The division between and among groups does not support this laudatory desire. We have been choosing up sides and acting like cheerleaders in seeking a win.

Democracy (government) is not a game to see who wins but a discussion to select a process that promotes freedom and leads to peace and goodwill for all. No one person or group has a monopoly on good suggestions. Compromises are essential to progress.

We live in a dynamic world of constant change. We currently have a global economy. Isolation is not available. We are all neighbors and should befriend each other. We have multiple cultures in this world, but limited effort to understand the differences.

We should seek to accept and understand these diverse cultures. Reach out to those who have a different culture, a different religion and/or different politics. In small groups encourage discussion. Discussion of politics with family, friends and neighbors is not a sin.

During this season and the new year take the time and effort to reach out to members of other groups. Have a conversation to understand their culture, religion and political beliefs. You might be surprised at the slight differences. President Lincoln said we are not enemies but friends. We seek a more perfect Union within a diverse society.

Bill Giese,

Public displays of anger

Mayor Pro Tem Sara Bagheri has announced that she will not seek re-election to her seat on the Denton City Council. I wish Ms. Bagheri the best in her future endeavors and hope her renewed focus on personal matters is productive.

The time is right, however, for council member Bagheri to no longer represent Denton publicly. Her social media posts and expletive-filled rants attacking ordinary citizens, harmless podcasters and others were both harmful and embarrassing to the city we call home.

These public displays of anger were often insulting and beneath the dignity of the office. It is my hope that the next official who takes the reins of this important position in city government is committed to constructive dialogue with her constituents.

Mark Hickey,