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Letters to the Editor, December 19

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Fast-lane pass

Evidence shows the Russians interfered in our elections. One of the ways was to create fake news distributed by social media. The same FCC, which guaranteed net neutrality of the internet under the Obama administration, has removed that requirement.

This will allow internet providers to regulate (for a price) the speed at which you receive information and they will be able to direct you to the websites of those willing to pay for that service. Has the Trump administration (which staunchly denies any Russian interference) just handed the Russians another tool to use against our democracy?

The Russians have very deep pockets and we have just given them the key to the fast lane to your computer (and you will never know it is happening). I wonder if the Trump administration does know it will happen? I wonder if this is one of the rewards Trump seems to throw Putin's way?

The American people will lose with the new tax bill. They lost when Trump throttled Obamacare by reducing the sign-up period and withdrawing funding. Children lose when the GOP fails to fund CHIP.

Now we have also lost our unfettered access to the world through the internet. The Russians have gained a free ticket to your computer via the fast-lane pass provided by the FCC and the Trump administration.

And yet, many of us still support the GOP. That may be the most baffling thing of all.

William Reed,