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Letters to the editor, December 21

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Telling the truth

Each of the following news networks have at least rarely fumbled in the past.

But when the highly reputable, decade after decade, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, all say the same thing, and it often conflicts with what Fox News has to say, who in the heck do you think is telling the truth.

Jim Stodola,

Moral high ground

Just a month ago, Democratic Sen. Al Franken was accused of sexual misconduct. His party colleagues encouraged him to resign. He obliged. Pundits explained this would provide the moral high ground against Republicans with a victory in Alabama by Roy Moore. Moore lost.

Today Democrats are now asking Sen. Franken to reconsider his resignation since they may have acted in haste in their rush to judgment.

Perhaps Democrats on the Hill are finding the air too thin on their trip to the moral high ground.

Joe Tims,

Let Mueller do his job

As my elected representatives, I expect Sens. Cruz and Cornyn to trust the rule of law.

Currently, our sitting president is being investigated for collusion with Russia in their obvious endeavors to affect our democratic process. Allowing President Trump to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller would be a grave disservice to the rule of law and our democratic process.

If President Trump fires Mueller, then you should be ready to rehire him. Imagine if every suspected criminal could dismiss the detective who had spent a year investigating them.

We all know Russia's interference was reprehensible. And we know for a fact that some members of the campaign were involved. If Trump did nothing wrong, then let Mueller do his job.

Be ready to reappoint Mueller or be prepared for citizens in the streets.

Do your job for the people, not your party.

Brent Stracener,