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Letters to the editor, December 22

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Pick up after dogs

I am visiting family in Denton, as I do every winter. I bring my dogs and typically have a lovely time using Wiggly Field. This year though, things are much worse than I have ever seen.

Denton has such a large wonderful dog park. I have had the pleasure to stop at dog parks all over the U.S. -- from the Pacific Northwest to small places in Wyoming, California, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado and even throughout Texas. When I come here to Denton, I look forward to bringing my dogs to play at Wiggly Field because of its size.

Today, I watched a young woman with three dogs not pick up their poop after I had spent 40 minutes cleaning that same area while my dogs were playing. I picked up the poop and mentioned to the young woman that she should pick up after her dog, and how terrible poop is for the watershed, aka drinking water in Denton. She proceeded to look at me like I was an alien.

If you see someone ignoring their human duty by not picking up after their dogs, say something. A ton of dog-bag stations are provided at Wiggly Field.

We are a community. Let's clean this area up and make it great for the residents of Denton.

Julie Martinez, 

Vancouver, Washington