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Letters to the editor, December 24

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Nature of history

All of the statues and names of schools and streets can be changed, but history cannot be changed.

Will history books be changed to eliminate things as if they never happened?

If so, it reminds me of what happened during World War II with all the Nazi death camps in Europe. Thousands died and now thousands don't believe something like that ever happened. Some things should be left alone so history will not repeat such terrible tragedies.

If protesters and anti-protesters spent as much time talking to each other as they spend fighting, something could be resolved.

Compromise involves a little give and a little take, which is a good way to get along.

Dan Christian,

Stand up and speak out

Now is the time. We the people must stand up and speak out! We must no longer stay seated and silent as the constitution-based government of our democratic republic is being attacked from within and without.

Trump asks loyalty to himself while attacking law-and-order agencies such as the FBI and the CIA. He attacks the free press as our enemy. It is, in fact, a resource we depend on to be intelligent voters and supporters of good government.

He seems more concerned about his personal welfare and image than about Russia's attempt to affect our U.S. election and national unity.

For me the main question is no longer collusion but competence. Our president is neither competent nor willing to lead us in the battle for justice and peace in our country and the world. I can no longer stay seated and silent. For my sake, the country's sake, the world's sake, before it is too late, I must stand up and speak out.

Impeachment is the constitutional way to remove the president. It is time for us, we the people, to call on our elected representatives in Congress to remove the president from office. I am standing up and speaking out. I may not succeed but let it be known that I tried.

What about you?

Dawson Tunnell,