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Letters to the editor, December 26

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Denton Record-Chronicle Readers

Poor, pale life

"Net neutrality" is a current controversy, but trashing the entire internet would give us a better life. Ditto for those phones. We don't have to wait for this, either!

Without these, we could go outside, talk to our neighbors, cultivate a garden and change the oil in the car.

We could look at the sky, feel and smell the breeze, and do our own weather forecasting.

We would subscribe to a local newspaper, even contribute to it.

We could visit the public library and find friends there.

We could write and receive letters with persons who really care about us.

We could actually visit local stores to see what they are selling, get to know the owners and employees, and read their local advertising.

We could cancel that diet plan since now we are more active.

We could figure that Big Brother can't so easily surveil us.

We could spend our internet and wireless money on a hobby -- something informative or educational -- or contribute to a charity.

We would want to listen to a really local radio station, or even start one.

What a poor, pale life we have with our electronic gadgets!

Ross Melton Jr.,