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Letters to the editor, December 27

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School of champions

Congratulations to the young men of Muenster High School, 30 minutes north of Denton. On Thursday, Dec. 21, they won their first 2A state football championship to go along with their 2017 baseball and basketball state championships.

No Texas high school has won all three in the same year. Well done.

Tom Pryor,

Right that wrong

A member of the Confederate monument advisory committee recently expressed disappointment that more representatives from the African-American community were not present at a Dec. 14 public forum. He said that black people had a "vested interest" in the outcome of these debates.

All Americans should have a vested interest in the outcome of these debates. The creation of white identity is among humanity's greatest sins and those of us who benefit from this categorization should (from a moral standpoint) have the greatest interest in righting that wrong.

The creation and privileging of whiteness is what enabled "white" people to feel good about the forced removal of Native-American people from this land.

The creation and privileging of whiteness is what allowed white people to accept enslavement, lynching and disenfranchisement of black people throughout the centuries.

Whiteness was created as a category, not to celebrate an ethnicity, but to dehumanize and disenfranchise people. This fact is evidenced in the changing definitions of whiteness over the years.

The question to be answered is not whether African-American residents of Denton are offended by that statue, but whether our community as a whole is willing to confront the ongoing impact that racial categories of white and black have created in our lives.

If we could do that work, we might begin to imagine how that statue impacts us all, regardless of the racial categories to which we have been assigned.

Pamela Wat,