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Letters to the editor, December 28

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Lost moral high ground

Note to The Dallas Morning News (DRC editorial, Dec. 18): Anytime you mention "drown out hate with righteous speech" and the Southern Poverty Law Center in the same breath, you have lost the moral high ground.

The Southern Poverty Law Center seems to hate free speech, Christians and conservatives -- similar to the local leftists and their hatred of Trump and his voters. Ditto the mainstream media's baseless hatred and over-the-top fake news.

Alice Gore,


It's a good thing that grocery stores only sell eggnog during the Christmas holiday season. I go through that stuff like hotcakes, and would consume a bathtub full year-round.

Now, down to business. Democrats think that because of all the ways the Trump administration screwed this country over nationally and internationally, Dems will be a shoo-in in the next elections. Baloney. Here's an analogy: Remember you all said that when there are more Hispanics in this state or country, Dems will be a shoo-in? How did that work out for you?

You will only win elections when you learn how to fight, and then fight tough. I was going to order 100 baseball caps that said, "Make America safe again, From Donald Trump." But I am only ordering one because I would be the only one to have the courage to wear it publicly.

Jim Stodola,