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Letters to the editor, December 31

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Good work, Trump

The letter writer on Dec. 24 states that we the people "Must stand up and speak out!" Loyalty to the president of the United States is the same as being loyal to the citizens of the United States, right?

President Trump has the No. 1 responsibility of protecting everyone, even those who are not loyal to him.

If the law-and-order agencies of the U.S. are suspected of being corrupt, then they should be investigated. Some currently are.

The list would be too long for me to do because I would run out of ink.

Mr. McCabe is close to the top at the FBI and being questioned by the House of Representatives. Wonder why he is going to retire in March of 2018?

Is he going to be No. 1 on this list to jump the ship?

If anyone believes that the media is truthful and honest, they are suffering from attention deficit disorder.

In no way has there been any truth that President Trump has been "colluding" with Russia.

He has achieved more than any other president in less than a year and racked up more good work than any other president has in one term!

James Penton,

Learn to love again

Christopher Wilkins, Terry Edwards, Rolando Ruiz, James Bigby, TaiChin Preyor, Robert Pruett and Ruben Ramirez.

Supposedly, their demise made us safer. I doubt that you've heard these names. I doubt that you know you killed them.

These are the names of persons who we executed this year. To say they were executed by the state of Texas feels too impersonal.

We did it. We might as well own up to it.

I was a spiritual adviser to Christopher Wilkins. I rarely enjoyed our visits. I actually found him to be quite evil. Regardless, I never forgot that he was a child of God. I knew that I had to love him. I knew I had to love my neighbor.

I tried to save his life. Ultimately, I was unsuccessful.

We killed him.

Statewide organizations have proven largely ineffective at ending the killing. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on them.

It is up to each of us. We can turn back the tide of death.

We can learn to love again. We can be human.

May there be no more names in 2018.

Jeff Hood,