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Letters to the editor, January 1

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True pioneer

I am so glad that the school district selected Alice Alexander as the new name of the old Robert E. Lee Elementary School. It is such a good decision on so many levels. For years we've been trying to get a school named after Mrs. Alexander.

Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee fought to keep blacks in slavery. Mrs. Alexander worked all her life to bring people together.

Mrs. Alexander was a teacher. She taught kids of all races that every life matters and that we should be proud to be Americans. She believed that we all should treat each other with respect.

Mrs. Alexander taught during the era of school segregation in Denton, and her character and professionalism were so high that she later made the cut to be a teacher in the integrated school system.

The Denton ISD trustees are to be commended for renaming the school after a black teacher who worked in their district for so many years. The vote was unanimous. All trustees can tell themselves, "We did the right thing."

It's unfortunate that some controversy initially surrounded the process that led to renaming the school. But that is in the past, and we should keep the focus on what a wonderful person the board chose to replace Robert E. Lee.

Mrs. Alexander was a true pioneer in public education.

Willie Hudspeth,