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Letters to the editor, January 2

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Undying gratitude

Just to let you know, there was major downtown fire in September 1996 at 112 W. Oak St. in a building owned at the time by my wife and myself, and where she operated her business, Carol's Custom Draperies.

The fire was contained to a small area on the roof and did about $80,000 in damage, mostly to the apartment above the business.

I bring this up only because of our undying gratitude to the late Charlie McNeill, who spotted the smoke and called 911, and to the Denton Fire Department, which not only quickly extinguished the blaze but took extraordinary action to prevent damage to merchandise in the business.

Our hearts go out to those affected by the Mini Mall fire. Our loss was actually minor compared to what we have seen and read about this latest fire.

William Collins,

Economic interests

The polls clearly showed that a large majority of voters opposed the new tax cut for the wealthy. Then why did the Republicans vote for it? Because wealthy campaign donors told Republican members of Congress that they would not get any more money if they failed to pass it.

And these members knew that without lots of money, they would have had trouble financing winning campaigns. The rich guys had enough of them bought and paid for that they got what they wanted. This form of government is known as a plutocracy. It is most certainly not a democracy.

So why do so many poor and middle-class people vote these congressmen into office, given that doing so is against their economic interests, will reduce their health care and Social Security benefits and, in many cases, will increase their taxes?

In my opinion, these congressmen have been able to convince many of these people that they are a barrier for white people against the onslaught of poor people and minorities in this country. Until these people wake up and vote for their economic interests, this will be a country of, by and for the wealthy.

Only our votes can change this.

Bob Michaelsen,