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Letters to the editor, January 4

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Cut snake's head off

In l948-49, we faced a situation where Russia was working to starve 2.4 million citizens of Berlin. I was fortunate to fly on this airlift and step forward with a president who helped save the city of Berlin.

Today, we face a sick leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, who wants to destroy America, along with South Korea and Japan. He agreed to possibly meet "next year" with us and discuss this venture.

By that time he can have his nuclear missiles ready to fire.

We now have a president who can save America by moving forward now and cutting the head off this snake of North Korea and "not" give him a full year to prepare to talk so he can destroy us.

We need to cut off the south part of North Korea and save the underfed, no medical, poor people of Crazy Un's country and not wait for him to prepare more in 2018 to face us. We need to stop this potential danger now.

Ray Roberts Sr.,