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Letters to the editor, January 6

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Clinging to fantasy

On Sunday the temperature was a little below freezing and there was a slight mist coming down. Six squirrels crowded onto a small platform where I put birdseed. I didn't know we had that many squirrels.

As I watched them, I read the letters to the editor in the DRC and realized I really had seven squirrels. One of them was staring at me out of the paper. This particular squirrel was touting the honesty of Trump and how much he has accomplished and that the FBI, etc. should be investigated.

That led me to Santa Claus, whom I believe (in a way) is real. When you watch your kids come down the stairs, wide-eyed with excitement and avarice, you can be forgiven for believing Santa is real. He instills joy in the hearts of these kids and that joy is real. Santa is a ruse everybody enjoys when only some understand the truth.

That brings me to the current political situation and suspension of belief among about 30 percent of the population. They seem to be doggedly clinging to the fantasy that Trump is real and will bring all the good things he promises.

I wonder if the thought process in the two groups is the same? The kids believe Santa will bring them some presents and they ignore all the presents he did not bring.

Does that 30 percent grab on to the few presents Trump brings and ignore all the lies and losses he also brings?

William Reed,