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Letters to the editor, January 11

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Taking credit

Donald Trump has taken credit for several things that he had no right to:

Cleaning up seven polluted Superfund sites. The physical work was done before he took office.

He saved coal. Not for coal miners. He's only made it more dangerous.

Trump claims he is a "stable genius." Ask the numerous staff members and Cabinet members who called him an idiot and a moron.

"It's been proven there is no collusion" with Russia. Wait to see what Mr. Mueller has to say about that.

Took credit for fast-tracking Kuwait F-18 deal. That was done before his time.

He wouldn't have time for golf. Has golfed triple that of Obama costing taxpayers $45 million so far.

Forced Ford Motors to bring more truck production to Ohio. Ford says, not true. That decision was made in 2011.

Aided the release in a prisoner swap with Iran. That came as a result of over a year of previous negotiations.

ICE launched earlier large-scale deportation raids because of him. It was actually signed off under Obama.

He made Lady Gaga famous.

Health care for all, cheaper for all. Where's that?

Tax breaks for all of us and permanent. Instead, more for Trump, Corker, Ryan.

Is responsible for there being no major airline crashes in 2017. That has been the case for several years.

Next thing you know, Trump will claim that he invented fertilizer. Wait, there might be something to that. He has spread more bullcrap than anyone in history.

Jim Stodola,