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Letters to the editor, January 12

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Lacking courage

I just opened my front door to Paul Meltzer, a candidate for Denton City Council, and he asked for my vote.

When I asked if he was Democratic or Republican, he replied he didn't have to answer that question because that did not matter since he was running for City Council.

I explained that it mattered to me and he kept shying away from answering my simple question.

If he won't tell the truth and be up front with voters, why should anyone vote for a man that cowards away from telling voters what platform he stands with?

I am not stupid.

Does he really think that his City Council votes would not reveal his way of thinking? I wished he would have told me the truth. At least it would have shown some courage.

A man lacking courage to tell the truth will never get my vote.

Theresa Spurgeon,

Hypocrisy on display

Don Trump is brilliant because he has artfully dealt a few trinkets of political power and promises of federal money to the leaders of evangelical Christians in exchange for their delivering more than 80 percent of the votes of their flocks.

Spiritually blind, these hirelings ignore Trump as exemplar of the seven deadly sins and his total lack of Christian ethics. Their hypocrisy is on full display.

For expediency, Trump switched positions on abortion rights and women's issues as easily as he betrayed his political appointees.

One could plead ignorance until after the election when he appointed viciously evil men to positions of power and led the nation into spiritual perdition.

God does not endorse a compromise with evil even if Neil Gorsuch filled the seat on the Supreme Court vacated by Antonin Scalia, who succumbed to the deadly sin of gluttony.

Even when wrong, Scalia had such a brilliant intellect that he created a school of legal philosophy to justify his thinking.

Trump got by on the cheap with Gorsuch, a man of sub-mediocre legal intellect who barely comprehends Scalia's writings. Neil Gorsuch is no Antonin Scalia

The evangelical leadership, like Trump, may be reprobate and defy Jesus' commands, but there are Christians, the elect, who have not been deceived.

Walter Lindrose,