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Letters to the editor, January 14

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Hitler parallel

Trump's comments recently about immigrants from "sh--hole countries" like Haiti reflect several negative aspects of this man-child that should become more obvious even to his most ardent supporters.

Like it or not, it raises a Hitler parallel when you condemn people of color from poorer nations while extolling the virtues of white Scandinavian countries as Trump did, encouraging more immigrants from Norway.

Seeking a purer Aryan race as Hitler did eventually led to the extermination of millions of social "misfits" in Nazi Germany.

Secondly, it shows a lack of compassion for people less fortunate who are quite capable of achieving productive goals that Trump claims to want for this country but who are viewed instead as criminal elements who threaten our society and drain our resources to educate them and provide basic health care.

And lastly it demonstrates that there is indeed a serious concern for his mental health.

Wholesale discrimination and blatant disrespect for other humans who don't fit into one's social paradigms is not only a hallmark for the disease of narcissism but conveys a contempt that can muster up a hatred and lead to physical violence, especially by those who strongly identify with Trump and his mean-spirited attacks toward their perceived, shared enemies.

Why anyone would think this type of juvenile behavior would make America great again is beyond comprehension.

Larry Beck,

Enough is enough

"Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" These words were spoken on Jan. 11 by the president of the United States of America.

Some weeks ago, I wondered how long must one support a person like Trump before the stain of association becomes too deep to wash off?

At what point does his racist behavior, his lying, his total lack of understanding, his obvious dislike for many of our citizens of color, stain you so much you cannot wash it off?

For me, his statement labeling Haitians, and the entire continent of Africa as "s---hole countries" is the moment where we, as citizens of what once was the greatest country on earth, must stand up and say, "Enough is enough! I refuse to be represented by someone who behaves like you!"

Trump has tarnished this country and those who support him (Burgess, Cruz and Cornyn for Texas) so much that it can never be washed clean.

How can anyone still believe in Trump and a Republican Party (which will follow him in lockstep) as he drags the country through the mud.

How much humiliation before the world are you willing to take? How deep is the stain?

William Reed,

Smart people

Some of the smartest people I have ever known come from what Trump calls "shithole countries."

Before I was recently accepted to Yale College, I attended Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Two out of three of my required letters of recommendation to Yale came from professors from "shithole countries." The calculus professor who wrote one of the letters and who inspired me to continue pursuing math was from Haiti. He now attends Columbia University.

My research mentor with whom I recently published a scientific paper is from Ethiopia. We produced mathematical models for bio-remediation experiments using an evolutionary algorithm.

Suffice it to say, I would not be at Yale today without their help.

Take from these facts what you will, but we are all kidding ourselves if we think Trump's racism isn't going to harm this country and possibly even those we care about in a very direct way.

Nicholas Herrera, 

New Haven, Connecticut