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Letters to the editor, January 18

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Vote them out

Our U.S. Constitution provides a way to deal with a tyrannical president. The Founding Fathers could foresee the possibility of a problem president.

That same Constitution does not provide a means by which we can handle a Congress that does not have the spine or the resolve to right such a wrong.

The forefathers could not imagine that there would ever be a time when the Congress would be so spineless and meek to not take on a want-to-be dictator.

What we have are Republican members of Congress leaving the ranks of Congress rather than standing up to this inept being in the White House.

The one and only way that we have of sending them a message is to vote them out of office this November and with that message, their kind will know that there will not be a place for them at the table until they change their ways.

We hope that these same members of Congress learn to listen in the future so that they can truthfully report on what was said during important meetings rather than on what they did not hear.

Jack Highfill,

Same Sarah Palin

Yes, Sarah Palin is coming to Denton to speak. I'm sure she will be inking her notes onto the palms of her hands as she has in the past. If you Republicans see her slipping her shoe off, that means it will be a long speech and she'll be looking for more notes on the bottom of her foot.

Republicans can lament because this is the same Sarah Palin who kept John McCain from being elected president. The same Palin who said she had foreign policy experience because Alaska was close to Russia.

The same who said she could see Russia from her house several hundred miles away. If this woman has the best eyesight ever, maybe NASA could hire her to gaze at distant galaxies without a telescope.

The same Sarah Palin who quit in the middle of her second term as governor due to an impending ethics investigation. The same who couldn't name a single newspaper or magazine she read when asked by Katie Couric, who said in an interview with Glenn Beck that, "We've got to stand with our North Korean allies."

The same Sarah Palin who totally messed up the history of Paul Revere's ride.

But I'm guessing Republicans will flock to Palin again because she, like Donald Trump, messes up so frequently. Maybe Donald might consider her as a running mate for his second attempt at the White House. But that would give the late-night show hosts too much comedy material.

Jim Stodola,