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Letters to the editor, January 19

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Crying need

The City Council needs to establish bicycle rules. I despise more rules, taxes, etc. but there exists a crying need for them in Denton.

There is a vacuum concerning rules and regulations that demands an agency concerning the operation of two-wheelers on over-crowded streets.

Bicycles should be licensed and inspected to be operational. Riders should have to take a written or verbal test concerning traffic rules and riding safety.

I am not against bicycles. They are good for the environment, are an inexpensive form of transportation and an excellent form of exercise, but some bikes should not be operated without lights. Riders should also have to wear illuminated safety vests or jackets.

There are some riders who meet these requirements, but they are far outweighed by bicycles with no lights; wearing gray, brown or other colors that blend into the pavement, especially on overcast days. These are usually operated by riders who do not use hand signals and run red lights and stop signs.

Bicycles should not be allowed to go two and three abreast but single file on our streets. Peddlers going two or three abreast badly slow down automobiles that may have people going to work or have other reasons and concerns.

These people who pay a pretty penny in vehicular taxes should not be slowed by careless two-wheelers.

We need better rules in place before some hapless motorists find themselves sporting a bike and rider atop their vehicle as a hood ornament.

John Garner,