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Letters to the editor, February 11

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Enough excuses

Trump called the Democrats who didn't clap for him at the State of the Union address "treasonous." And then the excuses came out for Trump, always excuses. Maybe Gen. Kelly will come out and say that he said it, as he did once earlier covering for Trump. We've had enough excuses.

I recall President Obama's State of the Union addresses during which Republicans didn't applaud. No sick accusations were made then. But I do remember that a Republican yelled out to Obama, "You lie."

Why are Democrats so cowardly? Not one of them yelled out at Trump's speech, "You lie." Trump told lie after lie during his State of the Union. But then again, if Democrats had said, "You lie" after each of Trump's lies, his speech would have gone on for several hours.

Incidentally, well over a month ago the Washington Post, which has been counting Trump's lies, said he had told 2,000 lies, just while in office.

Trump called Michael Wolff, the author of Fire and Fury, a liar, saying he never met with the man. And then what did Wolff say? He said that he didn't want to call Trump a liar, but he did meet with him. Why are people such cowards. I take pride in calling Trump a liar.

In any case, Trump clapped for himself repeatedly during his speech. Remember what Confucius said. "Man who clap for himself so much, full of clap."

Jim Stodola,

Flip District 26

Denton County citizens who have had it with the current state of affairs have been relentless in their activism each and every week. Last year saw more Democrats get involved in some sort of activism than ever before.

And for the 2018 election, we have a great group of Dems who took the courageous step to run for office. Now more than ever, we have to get out and vote.

Texas is not a red state. Texas is a non-voting state. Like many of you, I too was only a presidential voter. I didn't pay attention to local or state races, but these are the very races that most affect us as Texas citizens.

After November 2016, I woke up. I have been an activist and now I am volunteering on the Will Fisher for Congress campaign to unseat Michael Burgess.

Many of the people I have met are either volunteering or donating to one of the many people running for office. They need our support, time and our money. All their donations are from people like you and me. No PAC money.

The main thing now is to vote. So let us all wake up and flip District 26. Your vote really does matter. The primary is March 6. Early voting is Feb. 20 through March 2.

Vicki Hemphill,