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Letters to the editor, March 4

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Vote for Dr. Lynn Stucky

I have known Dr. Lynn Stucky for more than 20 years. Our children grew up together. We have served together on the local chambers of commerce, and he has been the North Texas Fair and Rodeo's volunteer veterinarian onsite for nearly 20 years.

I consider him to be an honest, hardworking family man who has served Denton in many capacities, but most recently as state representative.

In his first term, he has been an outstanding representative for agriculture, economic development and public education. While I may not agree with every single vote he takes, I don't agree with anyone 100 percent. But I know I can count on him to do the right thing.

When I have taken issue with a position, he has given me a straight answer -- something missing from our political discourse nowadays. Additionally, he hasn't taken large donations from a political action committee that expects to control his vote.

I am supporting Lynn for re-election to the Texas House of Representatives because he's been immersed in the community and is not a "specially recruited" political opportunist.

Vote for Dr. Lynn Stucky for House District 64 on March 6.

Glenn Carlton,

Re-elect Lynn Stucky

The Feb. 28 DRC described how several West Texas oil industry billionaires poured millions into self-serving groups they created to steal Republican primary elections.

Lynn Stucky, our great state representative, is up against one of these: Empower Texans.

If a candidate is heavily backed by that group, stop right there. Dump their yard sign. Disregard their attack ads. Don't vote for them.

Former state Rep. Myra Crownover was viciously, repeatedly attacked by these same people. Now they've targeted Dr. Stucky. The pattern is the same. It's hard to fight a flood of false/misleading mailers supporting a candidate with little or no background and controlled by them.

Dr. Stucky's opponent, Mark Roy, is backed by this group. In my 25 years serving Denton in dozens of capacities from mayor to school PTA, I've never heard of him. Now he wants to lead us? Other than being a veteran, he has no track record of community leadership or volunteerism. His only qualifications: veteran (good) and Empower Texans (very bad).

This group's goal? Cut property taxes on oil and gas. Because there are no state property taxes, they have declared war on all local schools, cities and counties.

Their sound bite is to cut and cap "out of control" local property taxes. But nowhere do they talk (or care) about the consequences of their cookie-cutter plan. Ask! And ask if Denton, Denton ISD and Denton County are "out of control."

You will hear no answer.

Vote for Lynn Stucky and let him continue to work for us.

Mark Burroughs,

Ban assault weapons

There is more to be said regarding the Florida school shooting. The shooter was a member of a white supremacy group, the kind of group Donald Trump foments and festers.

Real news, not fake news, showed an earlier photo of this shooter wearing one of Trump's red "Make America ..." caps. This shooter obviously wanted to feel close to Trump.

First, we need to say the hell with the NRA and ask Congress to pass a ban on assault weapons. Publish all the monies collected by each congressman from the NRA and ask each how they feel today.

If Trump won't sign the ban, then we need to say the hell with Trump and pass this ban state by state.

Trump just said he would run into a school building during a shooting without a weapon. This is the same Donald Trump who did everything to get out of Vietnam. You believe him?

Jim Stodola,

View from the outside

I sent a copy of one of my letters to the DRC to a friend in Australia. This was his response:

"I hope your letter motivates enough people to speak out. It sounds as if your senator is locked in his views and should be replaced.

"We find it incongruous in Australia that almost anybody in the U.S. can purchase such lethal weapons.

"Designed to kill other human beings in a ruthlessly efficient way, such weapons should be restricted to the professional killers -- the military.

"At best they should be restricted to use under supervision in registered and safe ranges and locked up and left there.

"Demonizing the mentally ill seems to be the response but doesn't explain the fact that you have had a serious problem with guns for a very long time and it's getting worse.

"It seems the U.S. has serious social issues that guarantee disaffection, crime and violence. Mix in access to guns and you have a deadly mixture ready to explode at any time.

"Inequality, no universal health care, inadequate social support for the underprivileged and handicapped, entrenched wealth and privilege are all issues that are inadequately dealt with in your country.

"Where is the community and fellowship? Freedom of the individual should not come at the expense of others and should not mean shirking responsibility to care for your underprivileged."

We sit here, absorbed in our own problems, but it might be good to understand what we look like from the outside.

William Reed,