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Letters to the editor, March 5

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Jog your memory

This is for those of you who try to place blame on President Trump for not banning certain guns and taking money from the NRA. Do the following dates jog your memory about incidents while President Obama was in office?:

July 20, 2012 -- Aurora, Colorado, theater attack, weapon Smith & Wesson M&P 15

Dec. 14, 2012 -- Sandy Hook Elementary, weapon Bushmaster XM-15

Dec. 2, 2015 -- San Bernardino attack, weapon AR-15

June 12, 2016 -- Orlando, Pulse nightclub, weapon Sig Sauer MCX (used by special forces in Netherlands)

All of the weapons listed above are assault rifles and President Obama could have banned these years ago. Please take off your "liberal glasses" and pray for the victims and families instead of blaming the president. Then write letters to your elected official to help find a solution.

I'm a former Marine and assault rifles do not need to be in the hands of civilians. They are designed for one thing and that is to kill people in large numbers. I agree people should be allowed to own guns for hunting and protection, but not assault rifles.

Ray Stefl,

Had it with mass shootings

I've seen the commercial with U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz cooking bacon while firing an AR-15. It is as disgusting as he is. No more mass shootings. The Second Amendment doesn't give anyone the right to own a weapon of war. Stating that we're trying to take away people's Second Amendment rights is just fraudulent.

I'm a responsible gun owner who has had it with all the mass shootings and this GOP Congress' inability to pass any legislation to stop it.

Last year Cruz voted for legislation allowing people who have been adjudicated mentally ill to purchase guns. The legislation passed and was signed into law. He has blood on his hands and the tax bill won't wash it away. Cruz has a choice: to protect his constituents, or to continue allowing them to be gunned down at church.

Earlier this month in Texas, a man disarmed a would-be church shooter only to be shot by the police himself. The answer to mass shootings isn't a good guy with a gun. Instead, pass strong universal background checks and ban assault-like rifles with high-capacity magazines. No hunter should need a semi-automatic rifle. That's just an embarrassment to hunters.

Deann Fields,
Cross Roads

America's second invasion

Say again, please. A leftist letter writer encourages unlimited immigration one day and three days later laments the lack of opportunity for the younger American generation to achieve the financial status of their parents.

Well, which do you want? Most immigrants, legal and illegal, are low-skilled and poorly educated. They are competing with America's low-skilled and poorly educated for jobs. Tucker Carlson (Fox News) quoted a survey that reported 74.7 percent of Mexican illegals end up on welfare. Is this what America needs -- more welfare enrollees?

Just hang in there, leftist. In a few years, the illegals will overrun America without much effort. They are the driving force behind more than 80 percent of projected population growth.

Dr. Walter Williams reminds us that immigrants bring to America their cultural values and failures that led to poverty, corruption and human rights violations in their home countries. I don't see much advantage in these facts.

Also, first- and second-generation immigrants are responsible for many of the mass killings America has experienced in recent years. Check it out.

No, we are not a nation of immigrants. My great-grandmother's ancestors were on the East Coast when the "white eyes" landed. The Trail of Tears was their future. I look on illegal immigration as America's second invasion.

Alice Gore,

Let sun shine on the truth

Empower Texans created a 2017 "Fiscal Responsibility Index." Scores for lawmakers were based on 117 votes in the 85th regular legislative session and a first-called special session. Seven Republican members of the Texas House of Representatives had 100 percent scores.

All seven of these members have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Empower Texans and their affiliates and special donors. Of the campaign dollars these members received, more than 90 percent came from outside the district in which they were elected.

In other words, Empower Texans is able to get the people they want elected with a lot of money. And these members vote as Empower Texans tells them to. Where does this leave the people who live in that district?

Let the sun shine on the truth.

Don Duff,

Tone of the article

I read the article in Wednesday's paper about the wealthy West Texas oilmen who are donating to political candidates and causes that align with their personal values.

I thought to myself that if these people were supporting candidates and causes that the article's authors supported, they would likely have been referred to as philanthropists. Instead the tone of the article implies that there is something sinister about these people legally spending their own money to promote their personal values.

Mike Brucia,