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Letters to the editor, March 6

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Cultural district

The "Denton Dammit" of March 1 only partially stated my position on the creation of a cultural district.

I prefer pursuing a local initiative and at the same time pursuing a program administered by the Texas Commission on the Arts.

I agree there is no rush. Public hearing will occur and the Denton City Council will listen to Denton citizens.

Donald Duff,
City Council District 3

Protect our children

This is an open letter to U.S. Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz of Texas:

You have not represented the interests of my native Texan family while in office.

Yet in one area, I offer a "thank you" for appearing to care about the lives of our children.

I do not want our children put in harm's way in schools or towns where assault weapons or other guns can be used by persons against them.

I do not want our children to be in harm's way from climate change, although they are. Still, get with the program. Protect our children from guns. Protect our children from climate change.

Protect our children from those who would subvert the U.S. Constitution: the rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion and a well-regulated militia.

Protect our armed forces and first responders on the front lines of duty when extreme storms strike, when gun violence strikes.

I hope you truly care and will act across partisan lines. No more guns in the hands of the mentally ill.

Janice Heidlberger,

Lackluster commitment

Last October, despite faculty and student protests, the University of North Texas paid Donald Trump Jr. $100,000 to give a talk on hate speech. Even then, he was under FBI investigation for conspiracy and possible money laundering on behalf of the Russian Mafia.

In contrast, last week, a member of UNT's Communications Department, Nancy Kolsti, was forced to resign after she criticized a petition drive to name a residence hall after a woman or person of color. She called the petition a form of reverse racism against white people.

As one of the few African-American female faculty members at UNT, I disagree with Ms. Kolsti. But let me also say that over the years she has done an excellent job of publicizing my research and that of other colleagues.

As for the offending email, she made a mistake.

But here is the deal. This individual is not the university president.

UNT does not have email problems.

It has problems, especially at the faculty level.

Welcoming Donald Trump Jr.'s hate speech while firing Nancy Kolsti makes her look like a scapegoat used to polish the university's racial bonafides and to deflect attention away from a lackluster commitment to hiring, supporting and retaining minority faculty.

Constance Hilliard,
Hickory Creek

Drive to survive

There is a big controversy around what to do about school massacres. One suggestion is to arm teachers for the protection of students.

I haven't seen anything about the fact that teachers might want to protect themselves! Self-preservation is at the top of the list when it comes any animal's drive to survive.

Many teachers have been killed while trying to stop a shooter without any way to do it. The coach and the math teacher at Parkland are perfect examples.

Put in their same position, what do you want in your hand?

A No. 2 pencil?

James Penton,

Keep children safe

Being a veteran, I have no objection to anyone owning a weapon to protect family, home or business. I do have a problem with civilians owning an AR-15, AK-47 and bump stocks.

These should be for military and law enforcement. They are strictly for killing.

Some say we should allow hunters to use these military-style weapons. But most hunting rifles are limited to five rounds. If a hunter needs a rifle with a 30-round clip, he is a poor hunter and others should stay out of his area.

In most states, an 18-year-old can buy a rifle or shotgun. These young people should have to take a course similar to the one needed to obtain a concealed-carry permit.

This will give time for the applicant's record to be checked out with schools, law enforcement and Child Protective Services.

Some might claim the right to buy a firearm because they are old enough, at 18, to join the military.

Let them join and see the extensive training they will need before they can fire their weapon.

If they don't pay attention to their training, mom and dad cannot help them.

Some may disagree with my opinion, but that is their right. Let's all help our children and grandchildren grow up and be safe in school.

Dan Christian,