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Letters to the editor, March 8

Sad for all

When Jeff Hood decided to put three of his young children in his truck, knowing it was beyond the legal and safe limit, his children became unwitting victims. (This is not to say he is a bad father. I only refer to the reported incident.)

When stopped by authorities for breaking the law, he could have accepted responsibility for his wrong actions, teaching his children a valuable lesson of choices and consequences. Instead, he lashed out at the authorities for making him a "victim" of prejudice because of his previous run-ins with the police. How sad for him and his children.

Now that the charges have been dropped, it becomes even more obvious that, in actuality, the facts were turned upside down and the one who considered himself a victim was a bully. The authorities became the bully's victims. And ... the bully got his way. How sad for us all.

Kay Stocking, 

Providence Village