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Letters to the editor, July 10

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Help and hope

I appreciated a recent letter supporting the work of the Works Progress Administration. It was a boon to millions, providing income and meaningful work to the unemployed and capital improvements to thousands of communities during the Great depression.

All over Texas, in parks, on campuses and elsewhere, we still see in surviving WPA projects, reminders that good government can move decisively to make lives better.

When markets failed and millions of Americans were left vulnerable and afraid, the greedy rich preaching laissez-faire were satisfied to let them all starve, but government agencies like the WPA gave them help and hope.

Even though I liked the good things the letter writer said about the WPA, I was completely baffled by the last lines, which suddenly and inexplicably attacked atheists. It was prominent Southern Baptists like Robert Jeffress and Jerry Falwell Jr., not atheists, who fawned over Donald Trump, whose values resemble those in the Sermon on the Mount about as much as he himself resembles a real statesman.

Perhaps the letter writer ought to worry less about atheist attitudes toward the poor and more about those of avowed Christians who have made it quite clear they're more interested in money and power than doing good for their neighbors.

Reed Underwood,