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Hugs & shrugs: Aug. 13

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

HUG: We don't often look kindly on Roger Goodell and the National Football League's corporate bureaucracy. But we believe the NFL took the right action by suspending star Dallas Cowboy running back Ezekiel Elliott six games for his involvement in domestic abuse and sexual harassment incidents. In the long run, the penalty and accompanying loss of several hundred thousand dollars in salary will serve the young player well. Without punishment, there's no telling what he might have done next. We predict he'll straighten out.

SHRUG: A pedestrian got run over by a car late Tuesday night at the intersection of Kings Row and Loop 288. Witnesses described the area as poorly lighted. The same could be said about large swaths of Denton. No one alleges the lack of lighting caused the pedestrian's death. But we believe city government should conduct a comprehensive survey of street lighting, find the dark spots and brighten them up.

HUG: Our public school teachers are getting ready to go back to work. The Education Market Association says a teacher spends an average of $500 of his or her own money to get a classroom ready for the students. This includes school supplies for kids whose families may not have enough money for things such as construction paper, crayons and scissors. We should celebrate teachers every chance we get. They create our children's future.

SHRUG: Police are still searching for the idiot who pulled up to the intersection of Bell Avenue and Mingo Road on Monday evening and fired several shots at a man in the car next to him. It looks like a beef between two questionable characters led to the shooting. Thankfully, no innocent bystanders were harmed. But people are wondering whether the streets of Denton are becoming more violent.

HUG: Texas House Speaker Joe Straus of San Antonio knows how to govern in the public interest. He's a Republican but includes Democrats in his leadership team. He knows that two parties negotiating with each other produce better public policies than we would get if right-wing extremists ran everything under the Capitol dome. We congratulate Straus for flushing Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's bathroom bill.

HUG: Who says Denton's professional class is not civic-minded and interested only in furthering their own careers? One look at the Denton Chamber of Commerce's 2017-18 leadership class destroys that theory. Members of past Leadership Denton classes have gone on to become mayors, City Council members, school board trustees and prominent advocates of charities. Each class pursues a project that digs deep into how to solve a community problem. We look forward to seeing what issue the 2017-18 class tackles.

SHRUG: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is no buffoon. Neither was his father, who ruled North Korea before him. Kim Il Sung, his grandfather, started the family dynasty in 1948 and is generally credited with starting the Korean War. An estimated 36,000 Americans died during that war in the early 1950s. Violence is in the family's DNA. Don't sell them short. After all, who would have predicted that the tiny island nation of Japan might pursue world domination through military force in 1941? For clues, look at the generals surrounding Kim Jong Un.