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Football: Heard’s MVP nod highlights all-district selections

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Staff report

Guyer’s state championship was cemented by star quarterback Jerrod Heard, and the All-District 5-4A roster reflects the junior’s efforts throughout the season. Heard and the Wildcats were well represented when the all-district team was released.

Heard was named 5-4A’s most valuable player, and Guyer’s John Walsh was chosen as coach of the year.

Lake Dallas was well represented with 5-4A superlatives as well. Senior defensive end Graysen Schantz was named defensive MVP, and lineman Josiah Tauaefa earned defensive sophomore of the year honors.

Schantz won newcomer of the year last year, when Heard was named the offensive newcomer of the year.

Ryan sophomore offensive lineman Dakota Laws was one of three players named District 5-5A’s offensive newcomer of the year. Coppell defensive end Solomon Thomas and wide receiver Jacob Logan were named co-MVPs. Logan received the honor posthumously, after his death in October.

In District 9-3A, Krum coach Gary Robinson’s staff was named co-coaching staff of the year after leading the Bobcats to the playoffs and a second-place district finish in the team’s inaugural UIL season.

Argyle was plastered all over the District 10-3A superlatives list. Junior Ian Sadler was named the district’s MVP. Sophomore running back Nick Ralston was named the offensive player of the year, and juniors Sam Sizelove (linebacker) and Connor Wilson (defensive back) were named co-defensive players of the year.

Argyle senior Tanner Fought earned offensive lineman of the year honors, while junior Colton Hinnrichs was named utility player of the year. Head coach Todd Rodgers led the district’s coaching staff of the year.

Sadler, Ralston, Sizelove and Wilson were all unanimous choices for their honors.

In District 5-2A (I), Pilot Point senior Fred Roman was named newcomer of the year. All the other superlatives were held by Callisburg and Whitesboro.



District 5-5A

Co-MVP — Solomon Thomas, Coppell, DE; Jacob Logan, Coppell, WR. 

Offensive MVP — Cameron Smith, Coppell, WR.

Defensive MVP — William Udeh, Coppell DL.

Special Teams Player of the Year — Joel Carlos, Hebron, K/P.

Co-Offensive Newcomer of the Year — Charles West, Coppell, RB; Dakota Laws, Ryan, OL; Kaden Smith, Flower Mound Marcus, TE.

Co-Defensive Newcomer of the Year — Clay Holford, Hebron, DL; Keaton Sutherland, Marcus, DL.

Coaching Staff of the Year — Coppell


Quarterbacks — Colby Mahon, Coppell; Matt McDougal, Lewisville.

Running backs — Deandre Brown, Lewisville; Gavin McDaniel, Coppell; Tyrone Williams, Ryan; Vandy Parkes, Hebron.

Fullback — Luke Jenner, Coppell.

Wide receivers — Trent Willis, Ryan; Xavier Gray, Ryan; Brandon Ianiero, Flower Mound, Logan Sepanek, Flower Mound Marcus.

Tight ends — Josh Self, Coppell; Blake Mahon, Coppell.

Linemen — Bill Weber, Coppell; Kevin Gray, Coppell; Chris Biggurs, Coppell; Matt Griffin, Ryan; Zach Rogers, Hebron; Logan Russell, Flower Mound Marcus.

Centers — Leighton Light, Coppell; C.J. Mexia, Hebron.

Kicker — Adam Centers, Coppell.


Nose tackles — Luis Carreno, Coppell; J.T. Williams, Ryan; Hank Ekpe, Lewisville.

Defensive ends — Cole Odette, Coppell; Nolan Robinson, Ryan; Daniel Wise, Hebron.

Inside linebackers — John Herubin, Coppell; Aaron Gonzales, Coppell; Gavin Burford, Hebron.

Outside linebackers — Tanner Masters, Coppell; Paul Hammer, Hebron; Calvin Minor, Lewisville, Collins Okotcha, Coppell.

Safeties — Reynal Caldwell, Ryan; Jamal Adams, Hebron; Colin Peterson, Coppell.

Cornerbacks — Troy Parker, Coppell; Cardell Lue, Hebron; Tyler Mouton, Flower Mound Marcus.

Punter — Marc Orozco, Ryan.


Quarterbacks — Mitchell Bridges, Ryan; Connor Wanhanen, Flower Mound; Ryan Vaughn, Flower Mound Marcus.

Running backs — Cole McKeel, Flower Mound; Court Prescott, Flower Mound Marcus.

Fullbacks — Cameron Shauf, Lewisville; Wyatt Verrett, Flower Mound Marcus.

Wide receivers — Henry Busch, Coppell; Caleb Brake, Flower Mound; Finn Foster, Flower Mound; Austin Morgenstern, Hebron; Jordan Jorgenson, Lewisville; Jocqui Davis, Lewisville.

Tight ends — Riley Ransom, Hebron; Devon Davis, Flower Mound Marcus.

Linemen — Jake Hays, Ryan; Dustin Glaser, Flower Mound; Chris Miles, Flower Mound; Kendall Catching, Hebron; Jason Foley, Lewisville; Tyler Gallegos, Flower Mound Marcus, Kevin Blessing, Flower Mound Marcus.

Centers — Austin Coker, Ryan; Dallas Nicholas, Flower Mound Marcus.

Kicker — Marc Orozco, Ryan.


Nose tackles — Desmond Oliver, Ryan; Jake Ayers, Flower Mound; Jeremy Robinson, Marcus.

Defensive ends — Sean Flynn, Flower Mound; Eric Schultz, Hebron; Michael McMillian, Flower Mound Marcus; Jansen Cantrell, Flower Mound Marcus.

Inside linebackers — Reese Strait, Ryan; John Schuster, Lewisville, Josh Blobaum, Marcus.

Outside linebackers — Dallas Schray, Hebron; Garrett Putnam, Flower Mound Marcus.

Safties — Chris Adkins, Coppell; Jordan Meyers, Lewisville; Court Prescott, Flower Mound Marcus; Dylan Ward, Flower Mound Marcus.

Cornerbacks — Derrick Erb, Flower Mound; Gavin Greenberg, Hebron.

Punter — Blake Caussin, Flower Mound Marcus.


District 5-4A

MVP — Jerrod Heard, Guyer, QB, Jr.

Offensive MVP — Corbyn Koiner, Azle, QB, Sr.

Defensive MVP — Graysen Schantz, Lake Dallas, DE, Sr.

Offensive Sophomore of the Year — Courtney Miles, Trophy Club Nelson, RB.

Defensive Sophomore of the Year — Josiah Tauaefa, Lake Dallas, DL.

Special Teams Player of the Year — Brandon Williams, Wichita Falls Rider, P, Sr.

Coach of the Year — John Walsh, Guyer.


Quarterbacks — J.T. Barrett, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.; Skyler Howard, Fort Worth Brewer, Sr.

Running backs — Richard Whitaker, Guyer; Sr.; Domanic Thrasher, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.; C.J. Washington, Fort Worth Brewer, Sr.

Tight ends/fullbacks — Kyle Soltero, Guyer, Jr.; Brandon Flieschmann, Trophy Club Byron Nelson, Sr.

Wide receivers — Ellis Jefferson, Guyer, Sr.; Bryce Williams, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Nolan Harris, Azle, Sr.; John Hatch, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.; Brylan McCoy, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.; Adarian

Centers — Zac Colpean, Guyer, Sr.; Lincoln Roquemore, Azle, Sr.;

Guards — Hunter Krastin, Guyer, Jr.; James Mensching, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Logan Edwards, Azle, Sr.; Mason McGinty, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.

Tackles — Patrick Morris, Guyer, Sr.; Anders Huizenga, Trophy Club Nelson, Jr.; Dane Riley, Azle, Sr,; Harrison Sorge, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.

Kickers — Seth Campbell, Azle, Sr.; Chance McWhorter, Wichita Falls, Jr.


Linemen — Dominic Pickering, Guyer, Sr.; Landon Woolridge, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Cody Riddle, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.

Defensive ends — Connor Allen, Guyer, Sr.; Bryan Burnett, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Colton Lively, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Sam Scribner, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.

Inside linebackers — Terrence Belton, Guyer, Sr.; Andrew Dotson, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Josh Hasiten, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.;

Outside linebackers — Terrell Singleton, Guyer, Sr.; Tylor Firsby, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Jordan Moore, Azle, Sr.; Caleb Levell, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.

Safeties — Tavi Sanches, Guyer, Sr.; Roman Mitchell, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Fred Williams, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.; Dequaveon Arnold, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.

Cornerbacks — Trey Woods, Guyer, Soph.; Jesee Salisbury, Azle, Jr.; Jailen Garrett, Trophy Club Nelson, Jr.; Tanner Weir, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.

Punter — Chance McWhorter, Wichita Falls Jr.


Quarterback — Blake Clinton, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.

Running backs — D.J. Breedlove, Guyer, Jr.; Tylor Blake, Trophy Club Nelson, Jr.; Hunter McDonald, Azle, Sr.

Tight ends/fullbacks — Colton Lively, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Brodey West, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.

Wide receivers — Giovanni Augustine, Azle, Jr.; Orryn Clark, Wichita Falls, Soph.; Korie Robinson, Wichita Falls, Jr.; Kedric Mathis, Wichita Falls, Sr.; Deandre Coleman, Denton, Jr.; Josh Price, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.;

Center — Colton Lopez, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.

Guards — Ryan Felan, Guyer, Sr.; Connor O’Neil, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; John Laubacher, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Kye Esteves, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.

Tackles — Skyler Reneau, Trophy Club Nelson, Jr.; Emilio Hernandez, Lake Dallas, Jr.; Ty Whitson, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.; Bryan Barrett, Guyer, Jr.


Linemen — Carl Thompson, Guyer, Soph.; Garrett Tidwell, Azle, Soph.; Austin Thompson, Brewer, Sr.

Defensive ends — Thomas Ferguson, Guyer, Jr.; Halen Haire, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Nikolaus Gates, Azle, Sr.; Devon Bazile, Wichita Falls, Jr.

Inside linebackers — Demontrie Taylor, Guyer, Jr.; Mark Brown, Fort Worth Brewer, Jr.; Ryan Duggan, Denton, Sr.; Bradley Goldstein, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.

Outside linebackers — Matt Jones, Nelson, Sr.; Charles Boosa, Denton, Sr.; Tim Williams Lake Dallas, Sr.; Kevin Castro, Wichita Falls, Sr.

Safeties — John Schilleci, Guyer, Sr.; Aaron Brazell, Azle, Sr.; Joe Szymanski, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Dante Basher, Lake Dallas, Sr.

Cornerbacks — William Sanders, Guyer, Jr.; Josh Jackson, Lake Dallas, Jr.; Orryn Clark, Wichita Falls, Soph.; Amani Colbert, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.

Punters — Brett Harris, Azle, Sr.; Marshall Dominy, Lake Dallas, Sr.


District 9-3A

MVP — Denzel Johnson, Gainesville, Sr.

Offensive MVP — Adam Berryman, Gainesville, Jr.

Defensive MVP — Chris White, Gainesville, Sr.

Newcomer of the Year — Zukari Long, Gainesville, Fr.

Coaching Staffs of the Year — Gainesville, Krum.


Quarterback — Caz Wojciak, Krum, Jr.

Running backs — Jonathan Mendez, Gainesville, Jr.; Reed Flores, Krum, Sr.; Gabe Huerta, Bridgeport, Sr.

Wide receivers — David Moore, Gainesville, Sr.; Brennan Ellis, Krum, Jr.; Blake Arrington, Bridgeport, Sr.; Hunter Gantt, Jr.; Bridgeport; Cain Lowe, Decatur, Jr.

Tight end — Dylan Coffin, Krum, Jr.

Linemen — Gentry Funk, Bridgeport, Sr.; Carlos Gonzalez, Decatur, Sr.; Jared Boswell, Gainesville, Jr.; Jordan Hall, Gainesville, Jr.; Billy Morgan, Krum, Sr.; Aaron Gilmore, Krum, Sr.

Kicker — Hector Sagrero, Gainesville, Soph.


Linemen — Kevin Lindsey, Decatur, Sr.; Dequan Wilford, Gainesville, Sr.; Dustin Richards, Krum, Sr.; Jose Salazar, Bridgeport, Jr.

Outside linebackers/defensive ends — Demetrius Franklin, Gainesville, Jr.; Dylan Coffin, Krum, Jr.; Brennan Ellis, Krum, Jr.

Linebackers — Charles Eneh, Krum, Sr.; Morgan Sprayberry, Krum, Jr.; Demarius Farr, Gainesville, Soph.

Defensive backs — Jonathan Mendez, Gainesville, Jr.; Jacob Royal, Gainesville, Jr.; Travis White, Krum, Sr.; Dane White, Krum, Soph.; Jake Fleckenstein, Krum, Sr.

Punter — Trey Cook, Bridgeport, Soph.


Quarterback — Grayson Muehlstein, Decatur.

Running backs — Levi Rush, Decatur, Jr.; Jacob Royal, Gainesville, Jr.; Derek Shelby, Sanger, Jr.

Wide receivers — Demetrius Franklin, Gainesville, Jr.; Tanner Rankin, Krum, Sr.; Alex Kline, Bridgeport, Sr.; Cameron Harrison, Decatur, Sr.

Tight end — Tyler Story, Decatur, Sr.

Linemen — Brance Watts, Sanger, Soph.; Brandon Sessions, Bridgeport, Sr.; Shayler Carlton, Decatur, Sr.; Dillon Schroeder, Gainesville, Soph.; Josh Reeves, Krum, Sr.; Hunter Howard, Krum, Jr.

Kicker — Clark Allen, Decatur, Jr.


Linemen — Jessie Wolfe, Gainesville, Jr.; Trevor Ennis, Krum, Sr.; Leo Sanchez, Krum, Sr.

Outside linebackers/defensive ends — Branon Huff, Bridgeport, Sr.; Jessie Smith, Bridgeport, Sr.; Ethan Currin, Decatur, Sr.

Linebackers — Brice Escobedo, Sanger, Sr.; Wyatt Day, Bridgeport, Jr.; Cory Durdon, Decatur, Jr.

Defensive backs — Chase Collins, Bridgeport, Jr.; Blake Arrington, Bridgeport, Sr.; Jared Durdon, Decatur, Sr.; David Moore, Gainesville, Sr.; Angel Martinez, Krum, Sr.

Punter — Caz Wojciak, Krum, Jr.


District 10-3A

MVP — Ian Sadler, Argyle, Jr.

Offensive Player of the Year — Nick Ralston, Argyle, Soph.

Co-Defensive Players of the Year — Sam Sizelove, Argyle, Jr.; Connor Wilson, Argyle, Jr.

Offensive Newcomer of the Year — Jordan Jones, Frisco Lone Star, Soph.

Co-Defensive Newcomers of the Year — Tyler Ford, Celina, Sr.; Darius Heath, Carrollton Ranchview, Fr.

Offensive Lineman of the Year — Tanner Fought, Argyle, Sr.

Defensive Lineman of the Year — Jake Raulerson, Celina, Sr.

Co-Utility Players of the Year — Colton Hinnrichs, Argyle, Jr.; Raghib Ismail, Carrollton Ranchview, Soph.

Coaching Staff of the Year — Argyle


Quarterbacks — Will Campbell, Frisco Lone Star, Sr.; Brandon Boyzuick, Argyle, Jr.

Running backs — Connor Tolbert, Celina, Jr.; Ramon Harris, Frisco Lone Star, Jr.; Matt Davis, Aubrey, Sr.

Receivers — Ben Theil, Celina, Sr.; Toure Stevens, Frisco Lone Star, Sr.; Jordan Ruby, Frisco Lone Star, Sr.; Jon Pucciarello, Argyle, Jr.; Chance Bode, Argyle, Jr.

Tight end — Blake Lyle, Argyle, Sr.

Center — Jordan Deagen, Argyle, Sr.

Guards — Nick Natour, Frisco Lone Star, Jr.; Micah Capra, Argyle, Jr.; Zach Benson, Argyle, Jr.; Chance Hull, Aubrey, Jr.

Tackles — Aaron Mazyck, Carrollton Ranchview, Jr.; Trevor Jones, Argyle, Sr.

Kicker — Cole Hedlund, Argyle, Jr.


Tackles — Forrest Keller, Celina, Sr.; Wood Speed, Argyle, Sr.; Micah Capra, Argyle, Jr.

Defensive ends — Seth Jones, Argyle, Sr.; Trenton Hambrick, Celina, Soph.

Linebackers — Matt Davis, Aubrey, Sr.; Josh Raulerson, Celina, Sr.; Colton Katzen, Argyle, Soph.

Defensive backs — Hunter Treadwell, Argyle, Jr.; Reese Thompson, Argyle, Jr.; Dalton Hamilton, Celina, Sr.; Jimmy Manos, Argyle, Sr.; Braylin Brown, Celina, Jr.; Tanner Buxton, Aubrey, Sr.

Punter — D.J. Dennis, Frisco Lone Star, Sr.


Quarterback — Nathan Elliot, Celina, Soph.

Running backs — Osh Derrick, Carrollton Ranchview, Jr.; Robert DeLaTorre, Aubrey, Sr.; Deshawn Davis, Celina, Jr.

Receivers — Tanner Buxton, Aubrey, Sr.; Quinton Butler, Carrollton Ranchview, Jr.; Dalton Ledford, Argyle, Jr.; Cash Conder, Celina, Soph.

Tight end — Collin Scribner, Aubrey, Sr.

Center — Jarred Helms, Celina, Sr.

Guards — Landon Lohmann, Celina, Sr.; Ross Wisdom, Celina, Sr.

Tackles — Erik Freeman, Celina, Jr.; Matt Hiter, Argyle, Soph.

Kicker — Fabian Aguirre, Celina, Sr.


Tackles — Hunter Stewart, Argyle, Jr.; Jeremiah Bottoms, Celina, Jr.

Defensive ends — Dean Eddy, Argyle, Sr.; Julian Abdallah, Carrollton Ranchview, Soph.

Linebackers — Damian Umana, Celina, Sr.; Justin Leshowitz, Celina, S.r; Christian Hackney, Argyle, Jr.; Dallas Heinen, Frisco Lone Star, Jr.; Alex Reyes, Carrollton Ranchview, Sr.; Cole Cannon, Aubrey, Soph.

Defensive backs — Sonny Maze, Frisco Lone Star, Sr.; Tre Strickland, Frisco Lone Star, Sr.; Robert DeLaTorre, Aubrey, Sr.; Micah Nelson, Celina, Jr.; Brendan Batten, Celina, Sr.;

Punter — Ben Thiel, Celina, Sr.


District 5-2A (I)

MVP — Clay McKenzie, Callisburg, Sr.

Offensive MVP — Collin Kilcrease, Whitesboro, Jr.

Defensive MVP — Jacob Barton, Callisburg, Sr.

Newcomer of the Year — Fred Roman, Pilot Point, Sr.

All-Purpose Player of the Year — Clayton Stringer, Whitesboro, Jr.

Lineman of the Year — Kyle Lester, Whitesboro, Sr.

Coaching Staff of the Year — Callisburg


Quarterback — Travis Garrett, Pilot Point, Soph.

Running backs — Fino Cardona, Boyd, Jr.; Tristan Jurecka, Pilot Point, Jr.; Dakota Tinney, Callisburg, Sr.

Tight end — Tod Jackscon, Bowie, Sr.

Linemen — Zach Buckmeier, Pilot Point, Sr.; Bryan Townsend, Whitesboro, Jr.; Adam Stapleton, Whitesboro, Sr.; P.J. Caparelli, Bowie, Jr.; Weston Skinner, Bowie, Jr.; Cameron Schulte, Boyd, Jr.; Logan Smithson, Callisburg, Sr.; Braden Broussard, Paradise, Sr.;

Wide receivers — Mason Richey, Pilot Point, Sr.; Cole Meador, Boyd, Sr.; Tanner Yeager, Ponder, Sr.; Jay Ward, Bowie, Soph.

Kicker — Atticus Kilcrease, Whitesboro, Jr.


Lnemen — Conrad Willett, Bowie, Sr.; Jarrett Roper, Paradise, Sr.; Beau Ewton, Pilot Point, Sr.; Coleman James, Ponder, Sr.; Cody Grube, Whitesboro, Sr.; Adrian Nelson, Boyd, Sr.

Linebackers — Austin Rider, Pilot Point, Sr.; Tod Jackson, Bowie, Sr.; Kyle Rochell, Callisburg, Sr.; Jack Beer, Ponder, Sr.; Derek Bendure, Bowie, Sr.; Garrett Ragsdale, Boyd, Jr.

Defensive backs — Marcus Vaughn, Bowie, Sr.; Cole Meador, Boyd, Sr.; Collin Kilcrease, Whitesboro, Jr.; Austin Trinklein, Pilot Point, Sr.; Rheyce Childress, Callisburg, Jr.

Punter — Jarrett Holt, Paradise, Jr.


Quarterback — Blake McDonald, Boyd, Sr.

Running backs — Jarrett Roper, Paradise, Sr.; Brennan Sooter, Ponder, Sr.; Corey Brady, Bowie, Sr.

Tight end — Ryan Willis, Whitesboro, Jr.

Linemen — Ryan Reed, Boyd, Jr.; Coyt Kimbrell, Pilot Point, Sr.; Jack Beer, Ponder, Sr.; Tyler Bensley, Whitesboro, Sr.; Caleb Mitcheson, Whitesboro, Soph.; Gunnar Bauwin, Callisburg, Sr.; Jeffrey Sanborn, Callisburg, Sr.

Wide receivers — Rheyce Childress, Callisburg, Jr.; Jacob Lock, Pilot Point, Sr.; Marcus Vaughn, Bowie; Michael Partin, Boyd, Sr.;

Kicker — Ramiro Mendoza, Pilot Point, Soph.        


Linemen — Braden Broussard, Paradise, Sr.; Coyt Kimbrell, Pilot Point, Sr.; Dylan Mitchell, Whitesboro, Sr.; Jeffrey Sanborn, Callisburg; Chase Graham, Boyd, Sr.

Linebackers — Jacob David, Pilot Point, Soph.; Dustin Roberts, Whitesboro, Soph.; Gage Robinson, Bowie, Jr.; Corey Brady, Bowie, Sr.; Michael Partin, Boyd, Sr.

Defensive backs — Tanner Valentine, Paradise, Jr.; Dusty Taylor, Callisburg, Sr.; Dylan Noel, Boyd, Sr.; Dylan Nichelson, Ponder, Sr.; Dale Bailey, Whitesboro, Jr.; Colt Wooley, Whitesboro, Sr.; Ty Franklin, Bowie, Sr.

Punter — Travis Garrett, Pilot Point, Soph.