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Golf: Putting hampers Heal on first day

Profile image for By Patrick Hayslip / Staff Writer
By Patrick Hayslip / Staff Writer

In her opening round on Wednesday at the regional tournament at the Diamondback Golf Club in Abilene, Denton’s Lindsey Heal struggled with the speed of the greens while everyone struggled with the gusting winds.

Heal finished her first round with a score of 99, which placed her 46th out of a field of 96 players.

“There were only two scores in the 70s on the board and it’s playing eight to 10 shots harder than normal,” Denton head coach Mick Maxey said. “Lindsey hit the ball great today, but she didn’t putt well. If you don’t put the ball in the right position on that golf course, it’s hard to score.”

Maxey said in a normal regional tournament, there would probably be at least 15 to 20 scores in the 70s, so the course was playing abnormally difficult.

Heal hit the ball off the tee well on Wednesday, but a few of her approach shots flew the green and put her into a tough spot with her short game.

With Heal in the top half of the field, she said she would work on getting her drives straighter and hopefully shoot the lowest score she’s shot all year.

Maxey said that Heal posted a better score in the second day of the district tournament to claim the second regional wild card spot, so he is confident Heal will improve.

“She’ll play well [today],” Maxey said. “We are going to get there early in the morning to get the speeds down. If she can finish in the top 25, that would be awesome for her. That’s a great goal and she’s fully capable.”

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