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Michael Clements for the Denton Record-Chronicle

Football: Ryan, Argyle rule all-district selections

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Staff Report

Neither Ryan nor Argyle was challenged much this season in district action, and that dominating play was rewarded with the release of this year's all-district teams.

Ryan, which secured its third straight unbeaten regular season before advancing to the Class 5A Division I state semifinals, earned five superlative honors in District 5-5A, including quarterback Spencer Sanders being named most valuable player. 

Argyle was a perfect 10-0 in the regular season and saw linebacker Gage Campbell be named MVP of District 4-4A (Division I). Campbell was one of three superlative honorees for the Eagles. 

Campbell and Sanders were the only players from the Denton area named MVP of their districts. 

Players in each district are chosen by district coaches, who consider only district performances.

Joining Sanders in District 5-5A was wide receiver Gabriel Douglas, who was named co-offensive MVP. Ryan's Kosi Eldridge and Denton defensive back Anthony Tony-Itoyah were co-defensive MVPs. Ryan sophomore Tra Smith was named defensive newcomer of the year, and Ryan's coaches took home the staff of the year award. 

Denton sophomore quarterback Landry Kinne was the co-offensive newcomer of the year. Braswell's Jaeden Johnson was named special teams player of the year.

Joining Campbell in 4-4A (Division I) were Preston Coyle, named offensive lineman of the year, and Hayden Clearman, who was co-utility player of the year.

In District 6-6A, Guyer running back Kaedric Cobbs is the co-offensive newcomer of the year. The sophomore helped pace the Wildcats' rushing attack all season. Sophomore Grant Mahon was named the district's top defensive newcomer.

There were several representatives in District 14-5A for Lake Dallas, which reached the playoffs after a one-year absence. Quarterback Ryan Depperschmidt earned co-offensive MVP, while Ky'lee Smith took home co-offensive utility player of the year. Zalen Long took home co-defensive MVP honors, and D.L. Roberson was co-defensive lineman of the year. 

Aubrey took two top honors in District 5-4A (Division II). Brody Bounds is co-offensive newcomer of the year. Jarom Larman shared the co-offensive lineman of the year award. 

In District 3-4A (Division II), Krum's Larenzo Tystad earned co-utility player of the year honors. 

District 6-6A

District MVP: Matt Gadek, McKinney, Sr.

Offensive Player of the Year: Brock Sturges, Allen, Sr.

Defensive Player of the Year: Tkai Lloyd, Allen, Sr.

Special Teams Player of the Year: Blair Zepeda, Plano East, Sr.

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Kaedric Cobbs, Guyer, So.; Collin Drake, McKinney Boyd, Fr.

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Grant Mahon, Guyer, So.

Coaching Staff of the Year: Allen

First Team Offense

Quarterback: Grant Tisdale, Allen, Jr.

Running Back: Brock Sturges, Allen, Sr.; Kaedric Cobbs, Guyer, So.; Matt Gadek, McKinney, Sr.; Kyron Cumby, Plano, Jr.

Receivers: Carson Schleker, Allen, Sr.; Theo Wease, Allen, Jr.; Andrew Nwachakwu, Wylie, Sr.

Tight End/H-Back: Josh Nicholson, Guyer, Sr.

Center: Kirubel Taddesse, McKinney, Sr.

Offensive Line: Mason Grosser, Allen, Sr.; EJ Ndoma-Ogar, Allen, Jr.; John Lanz, Guyer, Sr.;  Zuri Henry, Wylie, Sr.

First Team Defense

Defensive Tackle: Jayden Jernigan, Allen, Jr.; Arian Bhat, Guyer, Sr.

Defensive End: Austin Price, Allen, Sr.; Keyon Hurse, Plano, Jr.

Inside Linebacker: Ryan Angeloni, Allen, Sr.; Jordan Hunt, Wylie, Sr.

Outside Linebacker: Colton Manning, Allen, Sr.; Kevin Watts, Wylie, Sr.

Cornerback: Jevon Jones, Allen, Sr.; Gaseven McGrue, Wylie, Sr.

Safety: Taj Bickham, Allen, Sr.; Tkai Lloyd, Allen, Sr.; De'Ray Darthard, Guyer, Sr.; Kentavious Bradley, Plano, Sr.

Kicker: Blair Zepeda, Plano East, Sr.

Punter: Jack Grimes, Allen, Sr.; Gavin Baechle, McKinney, Sr.

Deep Snapper: Jake Smith, McKinney, Sr.

Returner: Taj Bickham, Allen, Sr.

Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Jonathan Taylor, Plano, Sr.; Brandon Mallory, Plano East, Jr.; Rashad Dixon, Wylie, Jr.

Running Back: David Addo, Wylie, Sr.; Kingsford Quaye, Wylie, Sr.

Receivers: Quinton Quirrenbach, McKinney, Sr.; Donavan Ollie, Wylie, Jr.; Jalen Anderson, Plano East, Jr.

Tight End/H-Back: Andrew Magee, Allen, Sr.

Center: Akanimoh (AK) Inyang, Plano, Sr.

Offensive Line: Tai Brooks, Allen, Jr.; Caleb Gill, Guyer, Sr.; Kris Estep, McKinney, Sr.; Jason McConahey, McKinney, Sr.; Joseph Farrer, Plano, Sr.; Trey Hermpstead, Plano East, Sr.; Kyler Coker, McKinney, Sr.

Second Team Defense

Defensive Tackle: Seth Mason, Allen, Jr.; Justin Stewart, McKinney Boyd, Sr.

Defensive End: Grant Mahon, Guyer, So.; Jackson Hill, McKinney, Sr.; Chris Shaw, Wylie, Sr.

Inside Linebacker: Tre Turner, Guyer, Sr.; Brent Matiscik, McKinney Boyd, Jr.; Cameron Maddox, McKinney Boyd, Jr.

Outside Linebacker: Dylan Bourey, Guyer, Sr.; Cody Crist, Plano, So.

Cornerback: Seth Meador, Guyer, So.; Andrew Pitts, McKinney Jr.

Safety: CJ Johnson, Allen, Sr.; Kyle Hinds, Plano West, Sr.

Kicker: Brady Ellsworth, Allen, Sr.; Gavin Baechle, McKinney, Sr.

Punter: Jack Swearingen, Plano West, Jr.

Deep Snapper: Scott Vallee, Allen, Jr.

District 5-5A

Most Valuable Player:  Spencer Sanders, QB, Ryan, Sr.

Offensive MVP: Austin Emery, QB, Denison, Sr.; Gabriel Douglas, WR, Ryan, Sr.

Defensive MVP: Anthony Tony-Itoyah, Sr.; Denton, Kosi Eldridge, Sr., Ryan.

Offensive Newcomer of The Year: Landry Kinne, QB, Denton, So.; Samuel Manuel, RB, Wichita Falls Rider, So.

Defensive Newcomer of The Year:  Tra Smith, FS, Ryan, So.

Special Teams Player of the Year: Jaeden Johnson, Braswell, Sr.

Utility Player of the Year: Kenny Gaffney, Denison, Sr.; Danari Curry, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.

Staff of the Year: Dave Henigan and Ryan staff


Quarterback: Jorge Vargas, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr

Running Back:  Nathaniel Omayebu, Sherman, Sr.; Bubba Roberts, Denison, Sr.; Emani Bailey, Ryan, So.

Tight End/FB: Sullivan Martinez, Braswell, So.; Kyler Spear, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.

Wide Receiver:  Tauskie Dove, Ryan, Sr.; Jake Edgemon, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.; Tylor, Jones, Sherman, Sr.; Jordan Hatton, Wichita Falls, Sr.;  Jaeden Johnson, Braswell, Sr.; Jamarion Robertson, Ryan, Jr.; Isaiah Wofford, Denton, Jr.

Center: Justice Langston, Ryan, Sr.; Osvaldo Delarosa, Denison, Sr.

Guard:  Talon Moore, Denison, Sr.; Jacob Bridges, Ryan, Sr.;  Rudy, Vasquez, Sherman, Jr.; Dawson Hale, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.

Tackle:  Mike Nielsen, Ryan, Sr.; Brandon Coleman, Denton, Sr.; Jonathan Ewing, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.

Kicker: Arturo Ramirez, Braswell, So.


Defensive Line: Jordin Hunter, Denison, So.; Bralynn Ramsey, Denison, So.; Anthony Flemings, Ryan, Jr.; Tekarius Walton, Sherman, Jr.

Defensive End: Caleb Hughes, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.; Delshun Neal, Ryan, So.; Rondarius McGarr, Ryan, Sr.; Ty Rockins, Sherman, Sr.

Inside LB: Nate Maulsby, Denison, Jr.; Brent Wilson, Sherman, Sr.

Outside LB: Carson Kennedy, Ryan, Sr.; Devante Clayton, Sherman, Sr.; Mateo Reyes, Denison, Sr.

Safety: Ty Mc Fail, Denison, Sr.; Darien Boyd, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.; TJ Walker, Ryan, Jr.

Corner Back: Jordan Rucker, Ryan, Sr.; DeCurious Smith, Denison, Jr.;  Marcellus Lockley, Denton, So.

Punter: Austin Emery, Denison, Sr.


Quarterback: Blaise Bentsen, Sherman, Jr.

Running Back: Jeremiah Richardson, Braswell, Jr.; Ki'Andre Jackson, Braswell, Sr.; Ty McFail, Denison, Sr.; Brandon Bolton, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.

Tight End/FB: DJ Gray, Denison, Sr.; Blake Steele, Sherman, Jr.

Wide Receiver: Christian Battle, Braswell, Sr.; Cortez Cardenas, Denton, Sr.; Billy Bowman Jr., Ryan, Fr.; Cayden Earnhart, Denison, So; Jeremy Norvell Jr., Sherman, Jr.; Kollin Buris, Denton, Sr.

Center: Osvaldo Delarosa, Denison, Sr.

Guard: Xavier Bennett, Denton, Jr.; Wyatt Novak, Denton, Jr.; Kade Finch, Denison, Sr.; Quincy Gulley, Ryan, Jr.

Tackle: Dontryll Dever, Wichita Falls, Sr.; Drew Williams, Denison, So.; Carson Shelton, Ryan, Sr.; Jaden Oberkrom, Denton, Jr.

Kicker: Austin Emery, Denison, Sr.; Luis Cantu, Ryan, Sr.


Defensive Line: Jacob Dean, Denton, Sr.; Julio Rabago, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.; Jacquez Flemings, Ryan, Jr.; JC Coleman, Ryan, So.

Defensive End: Ty Rockins, Sherman, Sr.; Isaac Broades, Denton, So.; Logan Wagner, Denison, Sr.

Inside LB: Jarrett Hilley, Wichita Falls Rider, Sr.; Jalyn Cotton, Sherman, Sr.

Outside LB: David Akhagbeme, Braswell, Sr.; Alex Pierce, Denison, Jr.; Jeremiah Rodriguez, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.

Safety: Elijah Thibodeaux, Denton, Jr.; Mitchell Lesue, Braswell, Jr.; Austin Bindel, Sherman, Sr.

Cornerback: Ta'vion Wafford, Braswell, Jr.; Tamar Butts, Ryan, Sr.; Ben Cross, Sherman, Sr.

District 14-5A

District MVP: Lamar Lucas, McKinney North, Sr.; Kaleb Adams, Prosper, Sr.

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Marshall Funches, Carrollton Newman Smith, So.; Mikey Harrington, The Colony, So.

Offensive MVP: Ryan Depperschmidt, Lake Dallas, Jr.; Cameron Constantine, McKinney North, Jr.

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Zach Frazier, McKinney North, Sr.

Offensive Utility Player of the Year: DJ Love, Prosper, Sr.; Ky'lee Smith, Lake Dallas, Jr.

Special Teams Player of the Year: Cade York, Prosper, Jr.

Two-Way Player of the Year: Myles Price, The Colony, So.

Coach of the Year: Brandon Smith, Prosper

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Carson Criss, McKinney North, So.

Defensive MVP: Zalen Long, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Justin Benvie, Prosper, Sr.; Obed Guerrero, Carrollton R.L. Turner, Sr.

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Jevin Jackson, Prosper, Sr.; Peter Kimani, The Colony, Sr.; DL Roberson, Lake Dallas, Jr.

Defensive Utility Player of the Year: Brandon Crossley, Little Elm, Jr.

First Team Offense

Quarterback: Logan Kohler, Little Elm, Jr.

Running Back: Corey Moses, Little Elm, Sr.; Glenn Young, Little Elm, Sr.; Jadan Abdallah, The Colony, Jr.; Jarod Hall, Carrollton Creekview, Sr.

Tight End: Brandon Frazier, McKinney North, Soph; Aiden Carr, Prosper, Sr.; Ryan Mora, The Colony, Jr.

H Back: Andre Overton, Carrollton Newman Smith, Sr.; Marcus Moore, The Colony, So.

Fullback: Obed Guerrero, Turner, Sr.; Jose Rangel, The Colony, Sr.

Receiver: Devin Haskins, Prosper, Jr., Brandon Engel, Lake Dallas, So.; Charles Williams, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Kevin Terry, Little Elm, Sr.

Tackle: Adrian Franco, The Colony, Sr.; Hayden Brockenbush, Lake Dallas, Jr.; Jacob Kimball, Little Elm, Jr.; Cameron Coler, McKinney North, Jr.

Guard: John Hughes, Carrollton Creekview, Sr.; Zach McMahon, McKinney North, Jr.; Carson Shaffer, Prosper, Jr.; Grayson Winters, Prosper, Sr.; Elias De Leon, Little Elm, Jr.

Center: Dalton Wilcox, Little Elm, Sr.

First Team Defense

Defensive Lineman: Keshon Dawson, Little Elm, Jr.; Ben Kopenski, Prosper, Sr.; Marcus Moore, The Colony, So.

Defensive End: Chi Chi Odo, McKinney North, Sr.; Kevin Simes, Prosper, Sr., Luke McPherson, Creekview, Jr.; Jakob Machuca, Lake Dallas, Sr.

Inside Linebacker: Zach Graham, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Roy Goins, Little Elm, Sr.; Blake Young, McKinney North, Sr.

Outside Linebacker: Ross Hendley, Prosper, Sr.; Noah Ellis, Prosper, Sr.; Darryl Minor, Lake Dallas, Jr.

Corners: Tavion Carr, Little Elm, Sr.; Keyon Walker, McKinney North, Sr.; Armon Johnson, Prosper, Sr.

Safeties: Cameron Pair, The Colony, Jr.; Junior Espinoza, Little Elm, Jr.; Blake Harrington, Prosper, Sr.

Kicker: Cristian Gonzales, Carrollton Newman Smith, Sr.; Nick Dill, The Colony, Sr.

Punter: Keegan Sueltz, The Colony, Sr.

Second Team Offense

Quarterback: John MarkLamb, Carrollton Newman Smith, Sr.

Running Back: Emmanuel Moore, McKinney North, Sr.; Jake Hughes, Carrollton Newman Smith, Jr.; David Alvarez, Prosper, Sr.; Maquell Phillips, Carrollton Creekview, Sr.

Tight End: Imari Ellison, Little Elm, Sr.; Ethan Taylor, Prosper, Sr.

H Back: Keith Miller, The Colony, So.

Fullback: Jacob Marin, Carrollton R.L. Turner, Sr.

Receiver: Kyrece Williams, Carrollton R.L. Turner, Jr.; Andrew Nelson, The Colony, Sr.; Parker Brehm, McKinney North, Sr.; Brett Hartland, Sr.; Bralon Stegall, Carrollton Newman Smith, Sr.; Will Harris, Little Elm, Jr.; Christopher Durrough, Little Elm, Jr.; Antonio Delacruz, The Colony, Sr.; Isaiah Johnson, The Colony, Sr.; Christian Covington, Lake Dallas, Sr.

Guard: Jack McCollom, The Colony, Jr.; Tristian LaFreniere, Turner, Sr.; Nicholas Carbajal, Carrollton R.L. Turner, Sr.; Thomas Alexander, The Colony, Sr.

Tackle: Evan Lea, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Micah Cook, Little Elm, Jr.; Adam Sheriff, Prosper, Jr.; Jake Majors, Prosper, So.

Center: Jeffery Whitehead, McKinney North, Sr.; Preston Pfeifer, Prosper, Sr.; Steven Rico, Carrollton R.L. Turner, Jr.

Kicker: Patrick Caylor, The Colony, Sr.; Anthony Goodman, Little Elm, So.

Punter: Marcial Apez, Lake Dallas, Sr.

Second Team Defense

Defensive Lineman: Jose Cuevas, McKinney North, Sr.; Daniel Saldana, Carrollton R.L. Turner, Jr.; Seth Maynard, Little Elm, Sr.; Eliezer Guajardo, The Colony, Sr.

Defensive End: Nile Moore, Turner, Sr.; Quavon Mathis, The Colony, Jr.; Junior Telodo, Little Elm, Sr.; Telanio Evans, Lake Dallas, Jr.; Caden Cooper, Prosper, Sr.; Landon Teel, McKinney North, Jr.

Inside Linebacker: Som Das, Carrollton R.L. Turner, Sr.; Brett Maniloff, The Colony, Sr.; Sean Funches, Prosper, Sr.; Cole Thompson, Little Elm.

Outside Linebacker: Joe Ortiz, Turner, Sr.; Calvin Baker, The Colony, Jr.; Dreylon Rose, Little Elm, Jr.; Ezra Gore, McKinney North, Jr.; Jacob Everly, Carrollton Creekview, Sr.

Corners: Jaxon Gibbs, The Colony, Sr.; Nick Cagnetto, Lake Dallas, Jr.; Kevin Njoroge, McKinney North, Sr.; Wayne Anderson, Prosper, Jr.; Aaron Cyrus, Carrollton Creekview, So.

Safeties: Ryan Dale, The Colony, Sr.; Jalen Harris, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Devin Rivers, McKinney North, Sr.; Bradley Lockett, Carrollton Creekview.

District 4-4A (Division I)

District MVP: Gage Campbell, Argyle, Sr.

Offensive Player of the Year: Daimarqua Foster, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Jr.

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Brandon Baker, Gainesville, So; A.J. Martinez, Decatur, So.

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Fred Fleeks, Wichita Falls Hirschi, So.

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Preston Coyle, Argyle, Sr.

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Ezekiel Holmes, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Sr.

Utility Player of the Year: Hayden Clearman, Argyle, Jr.; Calion Baker, Gainesville, Sr.

Coaching Staff of the Year: Wichita Falls Hirschi

First Team Offense

Quarterback: Jon Copeland, Argyle, Sr.

Running Back: Gavin Brown, Sanger, Sr.; Don Williams, Argyle, Sr.; Dameon Moser, Sanger, Sr.

Receiver: Dillon Wilkerson, Sanger, Jr.; Wes McCollum, Argyle, Sr.; Cale Nanny, Argyle, Sr.; Carrington Manuel, Burkburnett, Sr.; Alec Uselton, Decatur, Sr.; Mario Reyes, Decatur, Sr.; Josh Kemp, Gainesville, Gainesville, Sr.; Javen Banks, Hirschi, Sr.; Xavier Wilson, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Sr.

Tight End: Bryson Hudgens, Argyle, Sr.

Center: Shawn Cunningham, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Sr. ;Brent Uys, Argyle, Sr.

Guard: Garrett Thomas, Argyle, Jr.; Ty Watson, Decatur, Sr.

Tackle: Michael Harris, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Sr.; Preston Wilson, Argyle, Jr.

Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Wilson Hicks, Decatur, Jr.; Martez V'rana Wichita Falls Hirschi, Sr.; CJ Jackson, Sanger, Sr.

Running Back: Andrew Calvin, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Sr.; Noah Lang, Argyle, Jr.; Marcus Jackson, Burkburnett, Jr.

Receiver: Chase Estrada, Argyle, Sr.; Jacob Williams, Burkburnett, Jr.; Beau Bedford, Decatur, Jr.; Jalen McGee, Gainesville, Sr.; Isaiah Esquibel, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Sr.; Hank Lemons, Sanger, Jr.

Tight End: Isaiah Rankin, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Sr.

Center: Colby Murillo, Decatur, Jr.; Zack Farris, Sanger, Sr.

Guard: Shane Huizenga, Burkburnett, Sr.; Devlyn Hall, Gainesville, So.

Tackle: Morgan Picha, Decatur, Jr.; Brandon Michels, Argyle, Jr.

First Team Defense

Defensive Tackle: Lloyd Murray, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Jr.; Jake Galbreath, Sanger, Sr.; Kaden Roberts, Argyle, Sr.

Defensive End: Chase Petter, Argyle, Jr.; Tyler Edington, Gainesville, Sr.

Inside Linebacker: Harrison Haney, Decatur, Sr.; Brock Howard, Sanger, Jr.; Mason Underwood, Burkburnett, Jr.

Outside Linebacker: Luke Pennington, Sanger, Sr.; Blake Ramsey, Argyle, Jr.; Cole Denman, Decatur, Sr.

Corners: Brenden Dixon, Argyle, Jr.; Gerrick McKinney, Hirschi, Sr.

Safeties: Nate Downing, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Jr.; Eli Wilson, Sanger, Sr.; Jake Sullivan, Argyle, So.

Kicker: Ivan Franco, Gainesville, Sr.

Punter: Alex Gonzales, Argyle, So.

Second Team Defense

Defensive Tackle: Mason Thrash, Argyle, Sr.; Christian Hendricks, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Jr.

Defensive End: Braxton Roth, Decatur, Sr.; Blake Michels, Argyle, Jr.; Amiri Campbell, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Sr.

Inside Linebacker: Casey White, Decatur, Sr.; Bryce Petty, Sanger, Jr.; Scott Dunham, Argyle, Sr.

Outside Linebacker: Tory Temple, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Sr.; Walker Dickson, Argyle, Sr.; Dylan Nation, Decatur, Sr.

Corners: Baron Bailey, Sanger, Sr.; Slater Wright, Argyle, Sr.; Jaden Banks, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Sr.

Safeties: Josh Sij, Decatur, Sr.; Stavonte Vaughn, Wichita Falls Hirschi, So; Braden Pruett, Argyle, Sr.

Kicker: Juan Martinez, Sanger, Sr.

District 5-4A (Division II)

District MVP: Tate Whittington, Melissa, Sr.

Offensive MVP: Brendon Lewis, Melissa, So.

Defensive MVP: Justin Maxey, Nevada Community, Sr.

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Parker Simpson, Community, So; Junior Castleberry, Melissa, Jr.; Brody Bounds, Aubrey, Jr.

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Chance Mapps, Melissa, So.; Logan Engle, Celina, So.

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Grant Smith, Celina, Sr.; Jarom Larman, Aubrey, Sr.; Adam Rodgers, Melissa, Sr.

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Collin O'Neal, Melissa, Jr.

Utility of the Year: Trevor Hartwell, Bonham, Sr.

Coaching Staff of the Year: Melissa

First Team Offense

Quarterback: Tyler Rodriguez, Bonham, Jr.

Running Back: Ja'Bray Young, Melissa, Soph; Spencer Neumann, Aubrey, Sr.; Payton Hammons, Caddo, Jr.; Logan Point, Celina, So.

Fullback: Pablo Vera, Aubrey, Sr.

Receiver: Major Martin, Celina, Sr.; Justin Ebarb, Community, Jr.; Kennedy Lewis, Melissa, Jr.; Cole McCraw, Melissa, Sr.

Tight End: Dylan Brown, Aubrey, Sr.; Brock Price, Community, Sr.

Center: Charlie Rose, Celina, Sr.

Guard: Cooper Buchanan, Celina, Jr.; Trevor Duggan, Melissa, Jr.; Kaleb Wiseman, Aubrey, Sr.

Tackle: Blake Stogner, Celina, Sr.; Connor Laughlin, Aubrey, Sr.

Kicker: Cullen Brown, Caddo, Sr.

Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Colby Warren, Community, Jr.

Running Back: Breelyn Armstrong, Melissa, Sr.; Will Dow, Aubrey, Sr.; Hunter Aycock, Caddo, Sr.; Ismael Ortiz, Celina, Sr.

Fullback: Ty Bateman, Bonham, Sr.

Receiver: Abel Skariaa, Community, Sr.; Logan Baker, Caddo, Sr.; Jeff Wilbert, Aubrey, Sr.; Noah Shellman, Bonham, Jr.

Tight End: Izaiah Epps, Bonham, Sr.; Caleb Elliott, Celina, Sr.

Center: Cody Banks, Caddo, Sr.

Guard: JC Atkins, Celina, Jr.; Jaeden Foster, Melissa, Jr.; Kye Ranton, Aubrey, Jr.

Tackle: Tyson Owen, Melissa, Sr.; Austin McCallion, Aubrey, Jr.

Kicker: Marco Alba, Community, Jr.; Nick Rhienhart, Bonham, Fr.

First Team Defense

Defensive Tackle: Jacob Blackwell, Melissa, Jr., Sam Snyder, Celina, Sr.

Defensive End: Kaghan Roach, Celina, Jr.; Bryan Terry, Community, Jr.; Austin McCallion, Aubrey, Jr.

Inside Linebacker: Payton Wallace, Melissa, Sr.; Casen Heistand, Celina, Sr.

Outside Linebacker: Ja'Bray Young, Melissa, Soph; Marvin Jordan, Melissa, Sr.

Corners: Tanner Woodrum, Celina, Sr.; Will Dow, Aubrey, Sr.; Cameron Reed, Bonham, Fr.

Safety: Taylor Swarbrick, Aubrey, Sr.; Skylar Bohall, Celina, Sr.

Punter: Hunter Aycock, Caddo, Sr.

Second Team Defense

Defensive Tackle: Austin Norton, Community, Sr.; Connor Laughlin, Aubrey, Sr.; Daniel Dowling, Bonham, Jr.

Defensive End: Caleb Kroese, Melissa, Soph; James Drake, Aubrey, Sr.; Colton Stringer, Caddo, Sr.

Inside Linebacker: Brendan Milacek, Aubrey, Sr.; Josh Freeman, Caddo, Sr.; Tommy Gallardo, Melissa, Sr.

Outside Linebacker: Hunter Aycock, Caddo, Sr.; Nick Lowry, Celina, Sr.

Corners: Travis Radtke, Celina, Jr.; Lane Anthony, Community, Jr.; Zach Morrison, Caddo, Sr.; BJ Lewis, Melissa, Jr.

Safety: Cole McCraw, Melissa, Sr.; Tyler Rodriguez, Bonham, Jr.; Zech Edwards, Community, Jr.

Punter: Taylor Swarbrick, Aubrey, Sr.; Austin Fortune, Bonham, Jr.; Colby Warren, Community, Jr.

District 3-4A (Division II)

District MVP: Wes Martin, Graham, Sr.

Offensive MVP: Tucker Horn, Graham, Sr.

Defensive MVP: Branden Brewer, Iowa Park, Sr.

Offensive Line MVP: Riley Wyatt, Graham, Sr.

Defensive Line MVP: Klayton Read, Graham, Jr.

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Trent Green, Iowa Park, So.

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Kaden Ashlock, Iowa Park, So.

Utility Player of the Year: Larenzo Tystad, Krum, Sr.; Chad Thomas, Vernon, Sr.

Coaching Staff: Graham

First Team Offense

Quarterback: Jadon Maddux, Bridgeport, So.

Running Back: Billy Pearson, Iowa Park, Sr.; Chase Gilmore, Graham, Jr.

Receivers: Callen Mills, Graham, Sr.; Cameron Parker, Graham, Sr.; Ridgley Dietrichson, Iowa Park, Sr.; Colton Waters, Bridgeport, Sr.

Tight End: Wyatt Edwards, Iowa Park, Jr.

Center: Kolton Gough, Graham, Sr.

Guard: Jeremiah Stanley, Iowa Park, Jr.; Garrison Stovall, Graham, Jr.,

Tackle: Jack Mercer, Graham, Jr.; Hunter Bagley, Iowa Park, Sr.

Kicker: David Lopez, Graham, Sr.

Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Bryan Garrard, Vernon, Sr.

Running Back: Michael Cole, Bridgeport, Sr.; Brent McCallon, Vernon, Sr.

Receivers: Zack Kirk, Krum, Jr.; Melvin Scott, Vernon, Sr.; Adam Groves, Graham, Sr.; Kason Dickerson, Iowa Park, Sr.; Andrew Horton, Bridgeport, Sr.

Tight End: Matt Rankin, Bridgeport, Jr.

Center: Caleb Jennings, Bridgeport, Sr.

Guard: Connor Holzer, Bridgeport, Sr.; Josh Baker, Krum, Sr.

Tackle: Preston Newman, Vernon, Sr.; Antonio Barraza, Krum, Sr.

Kicker: Milton Iniguez, Bridgeport, So.

First Team Defense

Defensive Tackle: Preston Langley, Graham, Sr.; Jeremiah Stanley, Iowa Park, Jr.

Defensive End: Will Hays, Graham, Jr.; Truman Castleberry, Vernon, Jr.

Inside Linebacker: Joel Jones, Graham, Sr.; Ryan Roberts, Bridgeport, Sr.

Outside Linebacker: Cy Holt, Graham, Sr.; Ryan Powell, Vernon, Sr.; Reid Lalk, Iowa Park, Jr.

Corners: Kalon Walker, Graham, Sr.; Dusty Wright, Iowa Park, Sr.

Safeties: Peyton Johnson, Graham, Sr.; Ty Read, Bridgeport, Jr.

Punter: Caleb Schertz, Krum, Sr.

Second Team Defense

Defensive Tackle: Marc Rodriguez, Vernon, Jr.; Gonsalo Ibarra, Bridgeport, Jr.

Defensive End: Amando Herrera, Graham, Jr.; Hunter Bagley, Iowa Park, Sr.

Inside Linebacker: TJ Story, Vernon, Sr.; Zane Petering, Iowa Park, Jr.

Outside Linebacker: Hunter Wardrup, Graham, Sr.; Kason Dickerson, Iowa Park, Sr.; Steele Pena, Bridgeport, Sr.

Corners: David Colunga, Graham, Sr.; Zane Morrow, Bridgeport, Sr.

Safeties: Ronnie Gentry, Krum, Sr.; Brysan Garrard, Vernon, Sr.

Punter: Ryan Powell, Vernon, Sr.

District 5-3A (Division I)

District MVP: Scout Sanders, Whitesboro, Jr.

Offensive MVP: Gallagher Rhett, Van Alstyne, Jr.

Defensive MVP: Nolan Frith, Sr., Whitesboro, Sr.

All-Purpose Player of the Year: Weston Hickman, Whitesboro, Sr.

Newcomer of the Year: Tristan Gaines, Whitesboro, So.

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Keegan Pritchett, Pottsboro, Sr.

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Cayson Miller, Van Alstyne, Sr.; Blake Poe, Pottsboro, Sr.

Staff of the Year: Whitesboro

First Team Offense

Quarterback: Hunter Watson, Pottsboro, Sr.

Running Back: Quincy Kemp, Pilot Point, Sr.; Andrew Griffin, Howe, Sr.

Fullback: Nolan Frith, Whitesboro, Sr.

Receivers: Chase Wilson, Van Alstyne, Sr.; Austin Moore, Van Alstyne, Jr.; Noah Greisen, Whitesboro, Jr.

Tight End: Noah Robinson, Whitesboro, Sr.

Tackle: Sawyer Callies, Van Alstyne, Jr.; Tanner Young, Whitesboro, Jr.

Guard: Maxwell Nazarko, Van Alstyne, Jr.; Dylan Power, Whitesboro, Sr.

Center: Zane Madison, Van Alstyne, Sr.

Kicker: Austin Moore, Van Alstyne, Jr.

Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Jacob Pitts, Pilot Point, So.

Running Back: Will Cates, Pottsboro, Jr.; Brooks Barker, Whitesboro, Jr.

Fullback: Roy Brown, Pilot Point, Sr.

Receivers: Dylan Porter, Van Alstyne, Jr.; Bradley Klingler, Whitesboro, Sr.; Brandon Hutson, Callisburg, Sr.; Ty Harvey, Howe, Sr.

Tight End: Tyler Neshyba, Van Alstyne, Sr.; Riley Dickson, Whitesboro, Jr.

Tackle: Jake Loganbill, Van Alstyne, So; Isaac Hernandez, Whitesboro, Jr.

Guard: Tony Puga, Pilot Point, Sr.; Landon Carrasco, Pottsboro, Sr.; Wyatt Rupert, Whitesboro, Sr.

Center: Clay Marshall, Howe, Sr.

Kicker: Jamie Tivera, Pilot Point, Sr.; Dane Marburger, Pottsboro, Sr.

First Team Defense

Defensive Line: Riley Dickson, Whitesboro, Jr.; Diego Martinez, Pilot Point, Jr.; Keegan Pritchett, Pottsboro, Sr.

Defensive End: Noah Robinson, Whitesboro, Sr.; Cameron Blesi, Howe, Jr.

Inside Linebacker: Sam Bevers, Pottsboro, Sr.; Justin Barnes, Van Alstyne, Jr.

Outside linebacker: Eric Delacruz, Pottsboro, Sr.; Brent Riddell, Whitesboro, Sr.; Sam Rimpel, Van Alstyne, Jr.

Corners: Eli Parker, Callisburg, Sr.; Bradley Klingler, Whitesboro, Sr.

Safeties: Cade Courtney, Howe, Sr.

Punter: Dane Marburger, Pottsboro, Sr.

Second Team Defense

Defensive Line: Ethan Scoggins, Whitesboro, Sr.; Dyson Dillard, Howe, Jr.

Defensive End: Andrew Fletcher, Whitesboro, So; Tony Puga, Pilot Point, Sr.; Tyler Neshyba, Van Alstyne, Sr.

Inside Linebacker: Preston Duke, Callisburg, Sr.; Malachi Davidson, Whitesboro, Jr.; Andrew Griffin, Howe, Sr.

Outside Linebacker: Zach Wright, Van Alstyne, Sr.; Kasen Todd, Whitesboro, So.

Corners: Cason McDaniel, Pottsboro, Sr.; Cam Montgomery, Van Alstyne, So.; Noah Greisen, Whitesboro, Jr.

Safeties: Landry Urquhart, Pottsboro, Sr.; Chase Wilson, Van Alstyne, Sr.

Punter: Brooks Barker, Whitesboro, Jr.

District 4-3A (DIVISION I)

MVP: Zach Willis, Sr., Breckenridge

Offensive MVP: Tanner Patino, Sr., Brock

Co-Defensive MVP: Warren Hardy, Sr. Breckenridge; Skyler Collier, Sr., Brock

Offensive Newcomer: Owen Woodward, So., Breckenridge

Defensive Newcomer: A.J. Craddock, Jr., Bowie; Nick Taylor, Fr., Boyd; Eric Valdez, Jr., Breckenridge

Special Teams Player of Year: Jose Escobedo, Sr., Breckenridge

Coaching Staff: Breckenridge

First Team Offense

Quarterback: Matthew Wallace, Sr., Bowie; Tripp Jones, Jr., Brock

Running back: Angel Ruiz, Jr., Breckenridge; Jake Teskey, Jr., Brock; Jacob Robinson, Jr., Paradise; Logan Jones, Sr., Boyd

Wide receiver: Rylan Dorman, Sr., Bowie; Koby Miller, Jr., Boyd; Brian Couture, So., Boyd; Kyler Knight, Jr., Breckenridge; Mitchell Sellars, So., Paradise

Tight end/fullback: Dillon Swaim, Sr., Bowie; Baylor Cupp, Jr., Brock; Jake Escalon, So., Breckenridge

Center: Lane Berkley, Jr., Breckenridge; Sage Boleman, Sr., Brock

Guard: Bartolo Guevera, Fr., Boyd; Marvin Phillips, Jr., Breckenridge; Harrison Loewes, Sr., Brock

Tackle: Hunter Kirkham, Sr., Bowie; Rance Russell, Jr., Breckenridge; John Brunner, Jr., Brock

First Team Defense

Defensive line: Hunter Kirkham, Sr., Bowie; Rance Russell, Jr., Breckenridge; Tate Swearengin, Sr., Brock

Defensive end: Terrance Roberson, Sr., Breckenridge; Kaden Hendrix, Jr., Brock; Clayton Fulkerson, Sr., Paradise

Inside linebacker: Jake Escalon, So., Breckenridge; Zakk Young, Jr., Brock; Dillon Swaim, Sr., Bowie

Outside linebacker: Jacob Skinner, Jr., Bowie; Logan Jones, Sr., Boyd; Chucky Perez, Sr., Breckenridge

Safety: Riley Durham, Sr., Breckenridge; Jack Ishmael, So., Paradise

Cornerback: Angel Ruiz, Jr., Breckenridge; Tommy Merrill, Jr., Brock

Kicker: Noah Nye, Sr., Brock

Punter: Jase Lopez, Jr., Brock

Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Cody Risenhoover, So., Boyd; Jace Essig, So., Paradise

Running back: Tommy Merrill, Jr., Brock; Carlos Zepeda, Jr., Ponder; Ty Harris, Fr., Bowie

Wide receiver: Aaryn Medina, So., Breckenridge; Landon Hoffman, Jr., Brock; Payton Price, Jr., Bowie

Tight end/fullback: Brock Anderson, Sr., Ponder; Jase Lopez, Jr., Brock

Center: Tyler Wagner, Sr., Ponder

Guard: Justin Bolton, Sr., Bowie; Julio Sanchez, Jr., Brock

Tackle: Dillon Couture, Sr., Boyd; Tanner Cantrell, So., Breckenridge; Creighton Wolfe, Jr., Brock; Corbin McBride, Sr., Paradise

Second Team Defense

Defensive line: Bartolo Guevera, Fr., Boyd; Marvin Phillips, Jr., Breckenridge; Parker Bounds, Jr., Brock

Defensive end: Dylan Couture, Sr., Boyd; Eric Valdez, Jr., Breckenridge; Jessie Hallmark, So., Brock

Inside linebacker: Toby Morrison, Jr., Brock; Noah Bean, Sr., Ponder; AJ Craddock, Jr., Bowie

Outside linebacker: Chance Tomlinson, Jr., Bowie; Logan Lightfoot, So., Brock

Safety: Kevin Franco, Jr., Breckenridge; Jay Rogers, Sr., Bowie

Cornerback: Brett White, Sr., Brock; Mason Durrett, Jr., Ponder; Joey Crawford, Jr., Bowie

Kicker: Jack Ishmael, So., Paradise

Punter: Bryson Clark, Jr., Paradise