Baseball: Argyle heads 10-3A team

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Argyle made the most of a very talented roster and reached the state tournament for the first time in school history.

The key members on Class 3A’s runner-up team were honored when the All-District 10-3A team was released. Six Eagles, including head coach Ricky Griffin, earned superlatives on the all-district team.

Argyle senior pitcher and first baseman, Parker Mushinski, was named the 10-3A most valuable player. Mushinski, a Texas Tech signee, was 7-2 on the mound this season with a 2.47 ERA while also batting .374 with nine home runs and 37 RBIs.

Argyle junior catcher Ryley Balch was 10-3A’s offensive MVP after he batted .386 with three homers and 37 RBIs. Senior Brandon Boyzuick shared defensive MVP honors with Celina sophomore Shane Gerths, and Argyle senior pitcher Drew Gooch, who’s headed to TCU, was named co-pitcher of the year.

Argyle junior Hunter Markwardt was one of 10-3A’s newcomers of the year, and Argyle’s coaching staff was named the best in the district. Aubrey had four players make the 10-3A first team.

The Eagles lost to College Station 5-2 in the 3A state championship game last week in Austin.

In the area’s other 3A district, Sanger senior Ted Wisdom was chosen as District 9-3A’s most valuable player. Wisdom will play college baseball at Northern Oklahoma College in Tonakawa.

Sanger junior Anthony Escobedo was the 9-3A’s offensive MVP, while junior Ross Scott was a co-pitcher of the year and sophomore T.J. Self was the district’s newcomer of the year. Sanger’s coaching staff, led by head coach Steve Ford, was named the best in the district.

Sanger reached the Class 3A Region II quarterfinals, where it lost to Argyle.

Krum senior Colton Lucas also earned co-pitcher of the year honors in 9-3A.

In District 5-5A, Ryan’s lone first-team representatives were junior catcher Cade Kennedy and junior outfielder and pitcher Ryan Burks.

Guyer junior Aaron Studdard was tabbed as District 5-4A’s defensive player of the year, while senior Daulton Horton was the district’s pitcher of the year, and freshman Connor Herriage was the district’s newcomer of the year.

Lake Dallas senior shortstop Jackson Owens, who has signed with Florida State, was a first-team selection. Owens was joined by Lake Dallas sophomore catcher Christian Boulware and Denton senior Mark Johnson.

In District 9-2A, Ponder freshman Shane Scott was named the district’s newcomer of the year. Pilot Point’s lone representatives on the All-District 12-2A team were junior Luke Greenwood and sophomore Brandon King, both of whom were second-team picks.


District 5-5A

Most Valuable Player — Brenden Venter, Flower Mound Marcus, Jr.

Newcomer of the Year — Zach Deloach, Hebron, Fr.

Pitcher of the Year — B.J. Myers, Flower Mound, Sr.

Co-Offensive Players of the Year — Michael Newstifter, Hebron,, Soph.; Connor Wanhanen, Flower Mound, Sr.; Cal Hernandez, Coppell, Sr.


Pitchers — Connor Dotson, Marcus, Sr.; Jack Cushing, Marcus, Jr.; Kyle Johnston, Flower Mound, Sr.; Jensen Elliot, Coppell, Jr.; Travis Stone, Hebron

Catcher — Cade Kennedy, Ryan, Jr.

Infield — Myles Paschall, Coppell, Soph.; Tyler Boertje, Marcus, Sr.; Tim Millard, Flower Mound, Sr.; Casey Jacobson, Flower Mound, Jr.; Romero Greer, Marcus, Sr.;

Outfield — Daniel Jones, Coppell, Jr.; Ryan Burks, Ryan, Jr.; Derek Mueller, Hebron, Soph.

Designated hitter — Jason Foley, Lewisville, Sr.

Utility — Sean Wymer, Flower Mound, Jr.


Pitchers — Drew Hansen, Coppell, Jr.; Ethan Nichols, Marcus, Jr.; Drew Roth, Hebron, Sr.; Seth Jordan, Flower Mound, Sr.

Catcher — Matt Bernstien, Marcus, Jr.

Infield — Josh Ringsdorf, Marcus, Jr.; Noah Hill, Flower Mound, Jr.; Bryce Hunt, Coppell, Soph.

Outfield — Ashton Easley, Marcus, Jr.; Travis Spinney, Lewisville, Sr.; Ric Dickens, Coppell, Soph.; Justin Rath, Hebron, Jr.

Designated hitter — Drew Jackson, Marcus, Jr.

Utility — Dimitri Cruz, Ryan, Soph.


District 5-4A

Most Valuable Player — Zack Murphy, Wichita Falls, Sr.

Offensive Player of the Year — Garron Bates, Wichita Falls, Sr.

Defensive Player of the Year — Aaron Studdard, Guyer, Jr.

Pitcher of the Year — Daulton Horton, Guyer, Sr.

Newcomer of the Year — Connor Herriage, Guyer, Fr.

Coach of the Year — Rob Johnson, Wichita Falls


Pitchers — Kade Hutchins, Wichita Falls, Sr.; Brian Seamster, Trophy Club Nelson, Soph.; Tommy Kay, Azle, Jr.

Catcher — Christian Boulware, Lake Dallas, Soph.

Infield — Mark Brown, Fort Worth Brewer, Sr.; Jackson Owens, Lake Dallas, Sr. Kevin Leis, Brewer, Sr.; James Farris, Guyer, Jr.;

Outfield — Pete Thomas, Wichita Falls, Sr.; Dylan Hutcheson, Rider, Jr.; Trevor Boiles, Azle, Jr.; Chase Collins, TC Nelson, Sr.

Utility — Mark Johnson, Denton, Sr.

Designated hitter — Conner McCutcheon, Wichita Falls, Sr.


Pitchers — Alec Lemmon, Wichita Falls Rider, Jr.; Greg Greenwood, Rider, Jr.

Catchers — Koy Daws, Wichita Falls, Sr.; Alex Gigliotti, TC Nelson, Jr.

Infield — Koby Hott, Rider, Soph.; Hayden Proctor, Rider, Jr.; Tyler Albers, Azle, Jr.; Bobby Jones, TC Nelson, Sr.

Outfield — Trey Ramos, Azle, Soph.; Brandon Hendricks, Guyer, Sr.; Ben Williamson, Lake Dallas, Soph.; James Coronado, Brewer, Jr.

Designated hitter — Tanner Tibbit, Brewer, Jr.


District 9-3A

Most Valuable Player — Ted Wisdom, Sanger, Sr.

Offensive MVP — Anthony Escobedo, Sanger, Jr.

Defensive MVP — Tag Sparks, Gainesville, Jr.

Co-Pitchers of the Year — Ross Scott, Sanger, Sr.; Colton Lucas, Krum, Sr.

Newcomer of the Year — T.J. Self, Sanger, Soph.

Coaching Staff of the Year — Sanger


Pitchers — Logan Looper, Sanger, Sr.; Clayton Egle, Decatur, Jr.; Alex Samples, Bridgeport, Sr.

Catchers — Michael Hicks, Decatur, Soph.; Colten Graham, Krum, Soph.

Infield — Nick Trachta, Decatur, Sr.; Chance Cockrell, Sanger, Jr.; Wilding Smith, Sanger, Jr.; Mason Burr, Decatur, Soph.

Outfield — Halen Frazier, Sanger, Jr.; Cain Lowe, Decatur, Sr.; Austin Givens, Decatur, Sr.; Eric Delgadillo, Bridgeport, Sr.; Landon Bond, Gainesville, Sr.

Designated hitter — Roy Hedgecock, Sanger, Sr.

Utility — Austen Lange, Sanger, Sr.


Pitcher — Colton Knierim, Krum, Soph.

Catcher — Justan Bailey, Krum, Jr.

Infield — Jared Huff, Bridgeport, Jr.; Christian Carrilla, Decatur, Sr.; Daniel Garcia, Bridgeport, Sr.; A.J. Johnson, Decatur, Soph.

Outfield — Kyle Link, Sanger, Jr.; Garrett Cooper, Gainesville, Sr.; Brennan Ellis, Krum, Sr.; Drew Edwards, Decatur, Sr.


District 10-3A

Most Valuable Player — Parker Mushinski, Argyle, Sr.

Offensive MVP — Ryley Balch, Argyle, Jr.

Co-Defensive MVPs — Brandon Boyzuick, Argyle, Sr.; Shane Gerths, Celina, Soph.

Co-Pitchers of the Year — Drew Gooch, Argyle, Sr.; Tanner Davis, Celina, Sr.

Utility Player of the Year — Chad Rogriguez, Frisco Lone Star, Sr.

Co-Newcomers of the Year — Hunter Markwardt, Argyle, Jr.; Jason Shelley, Frisco Lone Star, Fr.

Coaching Staff — Argyle


Pitchers — Noah Vaughn, Aubrey, Jr.; Travis Entrop, Celina, Jr.; Austin Deleon, Lone Star, Soph.; Rixey Boyd, Argyle, Jr.

Catchers — Justin Sorenson, Aubrey, Sr.; Joe D’Ambro, Carrollton Ranchview, Soph.

Infield — Kyle Strickland, Celina, Soph.; Jerry Lasaint, Lone Star, Sr.; Gannon Sanders, Lone Star, Jr; Drew Heaton, Ranchview, Sr.; Tanner Boyzuick, Argyle, Soph.; Cole Cannon, Aubrey, Jr.

Outfield — Nick Broadway, Lone Star, Jr.; Aaron Mazyck, Ranchview, Sr.; Cutter McDonald, Argyle, Jr.; Tyler Gibson, Argyle, Sr.; Connor Torbert, Aubrey, Sr.; Preston Morse, Celina, Jr.

Designated hitter — Mat Ralph, Argyle, Sr.


Pitchers — Trey Roach, Argyle, Soph.; Quinton Rockwell, Argyle, Sr.; Cole Bovre, Aubrey, Jr.; Camden Grant, Celina, Jr.; Jared Eckert, Lone Star, Jr.; Eric Mahnke, Ranchview, Jr.

Catcher — Seth Howlett, Lone Star, Fr.

Infield — Cooper Harris, Celina, Soph.; Trace Young, Celina, Soph.; Ben Collins, Lone Star, Sr.; John Owen Kilbane, Lone Star, Sr.; Kylan Doucet, Aubrey, Jr.

Outfield — Kazume Motoike, Ranchview, Sr.; Tyler Steely, Argyle, SR.; RyLee Helman, Aubrey, Soph.; Austin Kohnle, Aubrey, Sr.; Morgon Robinson, Celina, Jr.; Chayse Dean, Celina, Jr.

Designated hitter — Blake Blackwell, Aubrey, Jr.


District 9-2A

Most Valuable Player — Slaten Gough, Brock, Sr.

Pitcher of the Year — Dillon Meadows, Paradise, Jr.

Offensive Player of the Year — Kolbin Mills, Brock, Jr.

Defensive Player of the Year — Asa Menchaca, Peaster, Jr.

Newcomer of the Year — Shane Scott, Ponder, Fr.

Utility Player of the Year — Titus Gossett, Brock, Soph.

Coaching Staff of the Year — Brock


Pitchers — Colby Fowler, Brock, Sr.; Collin Knight, Ponder, Sr.;

Catcher — Skylar Black, Paradise, Jr.

Infield — Seth Boleman, Brock, Soph.; Jarrett Holt, Paradise, Sr.; Hayden Miller, Peaster, Jr.; Keaton Malcom, Ponder, Sr.; Kyle Davis, Millsap, Jr.; Lane Peace, Alvord, Sr.

Outfield — Jordan Andrae, Brock, Soph.; Blake Berry, Peaster, Jr.; Jonathan Musgrave, Alvord., Sr.; Tanner Valentine, Paradise, Sr.;

Designated hitter — Ivan Karabanoff, Peaster, Sr.


Pitchers — Creston Sledge, Peaster, Jr.; Logan Lothrop, Peaster, Jr.; John Bodine, Millsap, Sr.

Infield — Jansen Ivie, Brock, Fr.; Austin Hogan, Paradise, Jr.; David Buchanan, Peaster, Sr.; Josh Peterson, Ponder, Sr.; Bradley Bottoms, Millsap, Jr.

Outfield — Hayden James, Brock, Jr.; Carson Knight, Ponder, Soph.; Chase Harris, Ponder, Fr.; Dillon Burton, Millsap, Sr.

Catchers — Riley Low, Ponder, Soph.; Parker Grudt, Peaster, Soph.; Ryan Bartholomew, Alvord, Fr.

Designated hitter — Ethan Roberts, Brock, Jr.


District 12-2A

Most Valuable Player — Parker Mason, Farmersville, Sr.

Co-Offensive Players of the Year — Cody Nitson, Caddo Mills, Sr.; Wesley Phillips, Sunnyvale, Sr.

Pitcher of the Year — Jake Wilcox, Sunnyvale, Sr.

Defensive Player of the Year — Kearon Redmon, Van Alstyne, Jr.

Newcomer of the Year — Troy Watson, Gunter, Soph.

Coach of the Year — Jimmy Haynes, Van Alstyne


Pitchers —Ty McKinney, Leonard, Sr.; Reagan MacDonald, Gunter, Jr.; Will Jones, Van Alstyne, Soph.; Nathan Hawkins, Sunnyvale, Soph.

Catcher — Dylan Monk, Leonard, Jr.

Infield — Ryan Nixon, Leonard, Soph.; Trey Burden, Van Alstyne, Jr.; Ben Fisher, Gunter, Sr.; Rhett Taylor, Gunter, Sr.; Ryan Cottingame, Sunnyvale, Sr.; Bowie Farris, Farmersville, Sr.

Outfield — Terry Lawrence, Van Alstyne, Jr.; Anthony Vulpitta, Gunter, Jr.; Darrian Pennington, Farmersville, Jr.; Sam Shaver, Sunnyvale, Sr.

Utility — Jose Castillo, Sunnyvale, Fr.

Designated hitter — Seth Metger, Sunnyvale, Sr.


Pitchers — Brandon King, Pilot Point, Soph.; Lane Albert, Leonard, Jr.; Brady Welch, Van Alstyne, Soph.; Trevor Martin, Caddo Mills, Jr.

Catcher — Alex Phillips, Van Alstyne, Jr.

Infield — Nate Yansky, Gunter, Jr.; Jake Hillebrenner, Van Alstyne, Soph.; Luke Greenwood, Pilot Point, Jr.; Lawson Ayo, Sunnyvale, Soph.; Hunter Grant, Farmersville, Sr.; Jason Luke, Farmersville, Soph.

Outfield — Anthony Knight, Gunter, Jr.; Shawn Wheeler, Van Alstyne, Soph.; Chris Patton, Pilot Point, Soph.; Zac Chambers, Farmersville, Sr.

Utility — Reid Bolin, Gunter, Jr.

Designated hitter — Nick Davis, Farmersville, Sr.

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