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UNT to announce stipends

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By Brett Vito

Conference USA giving each member school $450,000 cost-of-attendance payments

North Texas soon will find out where it falls in the new order of college athletics following the institution of cost-of-attendance scholarships for athletes.

Schools across the country have announced over the past few months the figures for stipends they will provide. Those payments are part of new scholarships designed to cover more than the bare necessities that traditional scholarships provide, including traveling back and forth from home and spending money.

UNT will announce its figure in the next few weeks, a school spokesman said Thursday after school officials returned from Conference USA media day in Florida.

C-USA is providing each school in the league $450,000 to help cover the cost of new scholarships. Schools will be allowed to use that money over a three-year period beginning this fall.

The league is hoping the money it provides will help schools make the transition to covering the higher cost of scholarships.

“It’s to help our members,” C-USA spokesman Courtney Morrison-Archer said of the league payments. “Some of our schools are in different places financially. We think this is important as a conference office to move cost-of-attendance scholarships forward at league schools.”

Student-athletes in C-USA are expected to receive between $1,500 and $5,000 more than their current scholarships provide.

Several Texas schools have announced the figures for their stipends.

SMU, a key Dallas-Fort Worth rival UNT competes against — both for recruits and attention — has set its cost of attendance stipend at $2,676. TCU came in at $4,700.

Texas Tech’s stipend will be $5,100, while Texas A&M came in at $2,706.

UNT has been preparing to cover the added cost of cost-of-attendance scholarships over the last year.

“We are preparing to provide our student-athletes the best situation,” UNT athletic director Rick Villarreal said last summer when C-USA announced that it was moving forward with cost-of-attendance scholarships.

Villarreal said Thursday that UNT will provide cost-of-attendance scholarships to all of its athletes.

UNT has dramatically improved what its athletes and programs have to work with over the last decade. The school has opened a host of new facilities, including Apogee Stadium, and recently announced it would move forward with construction of a golf practice facility at Honors Golf Club in Carrollton.

UNT’s cost-of-attendance figure will be a critical part of the equation in terms of what the school provides its athletes, and will soon be available.


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