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Audacity races to tap crowds with TMS brew

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By Matt Crider

Audacity founders and co-owners Scott Lindsey and Doug Smith helped unveil their latest brew. “If you’re a craft beer fan, you’ll be familiar with the style called steam beer, made famous by Anchor Steam, so we kind of put our little twist on it and call it a Texas steam,” Smith said. “Light and sessionable but with a lot of character, a lot of malt flavor to it, a little bit of fruit from the steam process. “You’re going to be sitting in the sun, you’re going to be watching...

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Motor sports: Dario breaks down last lap of Indy victory

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By Matt Crider / Staff Writer

He said he moved to the inside to block Sato’s run at the start of the last lap and realized he needed to move back up to give the challenger room going into the turn. “I am watching Sato coming, thinking ‘this is going to be interesting,’” Franchitti said. “I had started to make a defensive move and then realized I was too late and so I pulled out of it — and this is way before the corner — and my focus then is looking to Turn 1, and I can’t go on my normal line when I’m up...