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Todd Brewer

Bull Blowout begins

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By Todd Brewer

Thursday’s first performance of the three-day Bull Blowout and cowboy protection match at the North Texas Fair and Rodeo featured two competitions.

The first — the traditional format of bulls versus riders — is the same contest seen in rodeo. The second competition features two-man bullfighting teams being judged on their ability to protect a cowboy once he is off his bull. The teams are judged on positioning, agility, communication and the protection they offer the downed cowboy to get safely to the fence.

In bull riding, the bulls held the upper hand with only two rides in the first round. Pampa rider Cody Atwood covered his bull for 83 points and the round win. Placing second was Lane Lindsay of Weatherford with a 79. These two cowboys plus six others who were drawn back competed in the second round.

Atwood was the only rider to make eight seconds on his second bull, with an exciting 86-point ride to clinch the win with a two-bull total of 169. Atwood is the defending champion of the Denton Bull Blowout.

In the cowboy protection match, Pat Riha and Ross Hill of Team Rudy’s Barbecue claimed the top spot with a score of 187. Chad Dowdy and Evan Allerd of Team Miller Lite scored 180 for second place. In third was Team RDL, Cody Patton and Ross Johnson, with 176.