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Ryan coach Keith Pierce finishes 31st in men's race at Boston Marathon

At 36 years old, Keith Pierce keeps getting faster.

Pierce, an assistant track and cross country coach at Ryan, finished 31st in the men's race and 35th overall at Monday's Boston Marathon with an unofficial time of two hours, 25 minutes and 6 seconds. 

In his past three marathons, Pierce has gone from finishing fourth at Fort Worth's Cowtown Marathon in February 2016 with a time of 2:33:39 to winning the Dallas Marathon in December with a blistering time of 2:29:27. He shaved just more than four minutes off that time on Monday.

Monday was his 17th career marathon. But he's not thinking about the next one just yet.

"I'll think about the next one tomorrow," Pierce said with a laugh. "I'm a little sore right now."

Pierce last ran the Boston Marathon in 2006, when he finished 36th overall. This year, he reached the halfway point of the 26.2-mile race at 1:11:30. He said the final three miles were the most difficult, especially with temperatures reportedly close to 80 degrees during the race.

"I forgot how unbelievable the crowd is — it's like they are cheering specifically for you," Pierce said. "My brother, Brian, and his wife and some friends flew up and were there in the crowd around 16 or 17 miles in. My wife, Stephanie, was at the finish line waiting. It was really nice having her there with me."

Stephanie gave birth to triplets — Keegan, Ashton and Presley — in 2011. That prompted Keith to take a five-year hiatus shortly after that year's Austin Marathon.  

Before that, Pierce won the Cowtown three times from 2007 to 2009 and was a fixture on the marathon scene. He returned to marathon racing at the 2016 Cowtown. Pierce qualified for Boston with his time from the 2016 Cowtown, then submitted his faster time from Dallas to improve his positioning in the race.


Athey, Steven L. M Argyle N/A N/A
Aviles, Kelley F Lewisville 3390 3:44:57
Burns, Todd M M Flower Mound 8383 3:56:38
Carpenter, James M Flower Mound N/A N/A
Celone, Matt M Flower Mound 341 3:07:28
Cook, Andrew W. M Flower Mound 110 2:36:57
Craig, Sara A F Aubrey 9807 4:58:42
Dewar, Walter S M Lewisville 11632 4:34:32
Dierker, Ellysia F Corinth N/A N/A
Dudley, Philip M M Flower Mound 1551 3:08:20
Easley, Kristi L F Denton 7216 4:14:45
Foulds, Rhonda L. F Justin N/A N/A
Jacobs, Bob M Roanoke 4047 3;20;25
Klotzman, Brian M Lewisville N/A N/A
Koppel, Lowell M Flower Mound 274 3:04:28
Lee, Hae S. F Flower Mound 4824 3:54:08
Mamzic, Curtis E M Flower Mound 6192 3:34:59
May, Amanda J. F Aubrey 8858 4:28:11
Ohm, Philip R. M Roanoke 12109 4:32:12
Pickett, Troy R M Argyle 4136 3:21:15
Pierce, Keith M Lewisville 31 2:25:06
Pruitt, Emily K F Lewisville 1909 3:34:00
Reader, Dirk M Flower Mound 11054 4:44:08
Reynolds, Seth C M Denton 9537 4:37:47
Rivera, Prax P M Little Elm 8712 4:01;08
Short, Gail F Highland Village 5610 3:59:19
Wilson, Brandon R M Flower Mound 11641 4:59:19