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Soccer: Guyer players lead all-district selections

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After bringing home Guyer’s first state championship in a girls team sport, the Guyer Lady Wildcats were well represented when the all-district teams were released.

Guyer junior Hannah Alspach was named the District 11-4A most valuable player, while sophomore Brittany Crabtree earned co-offensive player of the year honors. Freshman Gairy Natividad was named the offensive newcomer of the year.

Lady Wildcats freshman Ashleigh Lyons earned a co-defensive newcomer of the year nod. Guyer head coach Kenny Blevins was named the top coach in the district.

Denton’s Morgan Rushing was named the district’s goalkeeper of the year.

Guyer’s Megan Stokes, Petyon Bucklew, Kaitlyn Caro and Tatianna Hernandez all made the first team.

Lake Dallas teammates Kristi Lantrip and Jessica Lantrip earned spots on the first team. Hannah Neece and Audra Webbe represented Argyle on the district’s top team, joining Denton’s Kyla Petrie and Kirsten Holmes.

In District 5-5A, Ryan’s lone selection was Regan Dowling. Dowling, the 11-4A defensive freshman of the year last season, landed on 5-5A’s second team.

On the boys side, Guyer’s Sean Diamond was chosen as the 11-4A most valuable player.

Denton’s Mike Husbands earned co-offensive player of the year honors, and Feliciano Amaya was the district’s newcomer of the year.

Lake Dallas’ Declan Johnson was the district’s top goalkeeper.

McKenna Cook, Bryan Jacinto and Michael Munoz represented Guyer on the 11-4A first team. The Wildcats were joined by Denton’s Chris Torres, Tyler Proffitt and Johnathan Penny.

Lake Dallas’ Logan Stewart also landed on the district’s first team, along with Argyle’s Trey Torno and Brian Williams.

For Ryan, Jake Malone was named to the 5-5A first team, while Jose Piceno landed on the second team.



MVP — Chris Madden, Coppell, Jr.

Offensive MVP — Haiden Stiles, Flower Mound Marcus, Sr.

Defensive MVP — Tyler Mouton, Flower Mound Marcus, Sr.

Co-Newcomers of the Year — Stephen Tower, Coppell, So.; Armando Pelaez, Hebron, So.

Co-Utility Players of the Year — Blake Barnes, Flower Mound Marcus, Sr.; Justin Todd, Coppell, Jr.

Goalkeeper of the Year — Collin Hall, Flower Mound Marcus, Sr.

Coach of the Year — Chad Rakestraw, Coppell

First team

Mitchell Parnell, Coppell, Sr.; Connor Driscoll, Hebron, Sr.; Nick Base, Flower Mound, Sr.; Drake Lovelady, Coppell, Sr.; Nick Hazelrigg, Coppell, Sr.; Jackson Bradford, Flower Mound Marcus, Fr.; Alex Totilo, Flower Mound Marcus, Sr.; Camden Riley, Flower Mound, So.; Brandon Hom, Lewisville, Sr.; Chaz Washington, Hebron, Sr.; Jacob Tucker, Coppell, Sr.; Kellen Reid, Coppell, Jr.; Jake Malone, Ryan, Jr.; John Satterla, Flower Mound, So.; Riley Mills, Lewisville, Jr.; Dalton Nusz, Flower Mound Marcus, Sr.; Bryan Brody, Flower Mound Marcus, Jr.; Abraham Pina, Hebron, Jr.

Second team

Austin Michaelis, Coppell, So.; Jarrett Weaver, Coppell, Sr.; Joel Carlos, Hebron, Jr.; Victor Villarreal, Flower Mound Marcus, Sr.; Kyle Spraker, Flower Mound Marcus, Jr.; Zanil Narsing, Coppell, Sr.; Paul Luna, Hebron, Jr.; Tyler Wettstein, Flower Mound, Jr.; Hank Steinhafel, Flower Mound Marcus, Jr.; Ryan Bigbie, Flower Mound Marcus, Sr.; Roman Pena, Ryan, Jr.; Kevin Tovson, Coppell, Sr.; Aidan Davis, Hebron, Sr.; Grant Adams, Flower Mound, Jr.; Aaron Henry, Lewisville, Sr.; Logan Plunkett, Flower Mound Marcus, Jr.; Jose Piceno, Ryan, Sr.; Dante Di Ciolli, Coppell, Sr.

Honorable mention

Ryan — Fabian Zuniga, So.; Logan Rodgers, Sr.; Aldo Esparza, Sr.



MVP — Sean Diamond, Guyer, Sr.

Co-Offensive Players of the Year — Mike Husbands, Denton, Jr.; Enrique Rangel, Birdville, Sr.

Midfield Player of the Year — Ryan Dandan, Trophy Club Nelson, Jr.

Defensive Player of the Year — Jacob Lightcap, Birdville, Sr.

Goalkeeper of the Year — Declan Johnson, Lake Dallas, Sr.

Newcomer of the Year — Feliciano Amaya, Denton, So.

Co-Utility Players of the Year — Jared Delgado, Birdville, Jr.; Brett Powell, Trophy Club Nelson, Jr.

Freshman of the Year — Jacob Rangel, Birdville, Fr.

Coach of the Year — Howard Putter, Trophy Club Nelson

First team

Travis Carmichael, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Christian Pratt, Trophy Club Nelson, So.; Jalen Jones, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Noah Russo, Trophy Club Nelson, Jr.; Stuart Johnston, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; John McGuffin, Birdville, Jr.; Thomas White, Birdville, Jr.; Issac Villalobos, Birdville, Jr.; Garrett Perkins, Birdville, Sr.; McKenna Cook, Guyer, Sr.; Bryan Jacinto, Guyer, Sr.; Michael Munoz, Guyer, Jr.; Chris Torres, Denton, So.; Tyler Proffitt, Denton, Sr.; Johnathan Penny, Denton, Sr.; Logan Stewart, Lake Dallas, Jr.;.Trey Torno, Argyle, Sr.; Brian Williams, Jr.; Argyle.

Second team

Devin Porter, Trophy Club Nelson, Jr.; Brendan Gillette, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Mason Shank, Trophy Club Nelson, Fr.; Stephen Hightower, Trophy Club Nelson, Jr.; Brendon Woodcock, Trophy Club Nelson, Fr.; Weston Dux, Birdville, Jr.; Kirby Seibel, Birdville, So.; Juan Pablo Martinez, Birdville, Jr.; Tristan Kramm, Birdville, Jr.; Jordan Reyes, Guyer, Jr.; Connor Bourgeois, Guyer, Jr.; Josh Kasitz, Guyer, Fr.; Zachary Alspach, Denton, So.; Christian Carranza, Denton, Jr.; Chance Pope, Lake Dallas, Jr.; Marco Subias, Lake Dallas, Jr.; Drew Estrada, Argyle, Fr.; Nathan Dealy, Argyle, Sr.

Honorable mention

Guyer — Cole Christian, Sr.; Billy Buford, Fr.; Kevin Leon, Sr. Denton — Zachary Ardis, So.; Chandler Page, So.; Joshua Harden, Sr. Lake Dallas — Jake Black, Jr.; Tyler Head, Sr.; Nick Krygsman, Jr. Argyle — Ben Irons, Jr.; Hunter Standifer, Jr.; Connor James.



MVP — Emma Heckendorn, Flower Mound, Sr.

Forward of the Year — Katelyn Mountjoy, Flower Mound Marcus, Sr.

Midfielder of the Year — Amanda Doyle, Hebron, Sr.

Defender of the Year — Kayla Peterson, Coppell, Sr.

Utility Player of the Year — Courtney Forte, Flower Mound Marcus, Sr.

Newcomer of the Year — Ariel Leach, Flower Mound, So.

Goalkeeper of the Year — Molly Lansford, Hebron, So.

Co-Coaches of the Year — Chad Hobbs, Flower Mound Marcus; Eric Ramirez, Hebron

First team

Maddie Brem, Flower Mound Marcus, Jr.; Natalie Schmutz, Flower Mound Marcus, Fr.; Dani Murphy, Flower Mound Marcus, So.; M.J. Eckart, Flower Mound, Sr.; Alexsis Cable, Flower Mound Marcus, Sr.; Meg Smith, Flower Mound Marcus, Jr.; Jillian Leinweaver, Hebron, So.; Reid Sibley, Hebron, Jr.; Rachel Jones, Hebron, Jr.; Ellen Starnes, Hebron, Sr.; Chelsea Washington, Hebron, Fr.; Paige Jacobs, Coppell, Sr.; Grace Vowell, Coppell, So.; Reagan Meyer, Coppell, Jr.; McKenna Arras, Coppell, Sr.; Sarah King, Coppell, So.; Gabi D’alesandro, flower Mound, Jr.; Shelby Wilson, Flower Mound, Sr.; Jordan Anderson, Flower Mound, Jr., Carli Arthurs, Lewisville, Fr.; Jaylin Finney, Lewisville, Fr.

Second team

Taylor Durham, Flower Mound Marcus, Jr.; Jamie Pugh, Flower Mound Marcus, Jr.; Ashley Bishop, Flower Mound Marcus, So.; Bailey Clayton, Flower Mound Marcus, So.; Baylee Mitchell, Flower Mound Marcus, So.; Rachel Rupp, Flower Mound Marcus, Jr.; Laura Scholz, Hebron, Jr.; Rachel Gambell, Hebron, Sr.; Evan Pipkin, Hebron, Jr.; Stefani Doyle, Hebron, Fr.; Taylor Gambell, Hebron, Sr.; Kristen Racz, Coppell, Fr.; Cami Studebaker, Coppell, So.; Evan Ross, Coppell, Jr.; Jackie Nichols, Coppell, Jr.; Mckenna Delong, Coppell, Jr.; Megan Crafton, Flower Mound, Sr.; Hannah Joseph, Flower Mound, Sr.; Jessica Broadbent, Flower Mound, Sr.; Sam Noughton, Lewisville, Sr.; Bria Williams, Lewisville, Fr.; Regan Dowling, Ryan, So.



MVP — Hannah Alspach, Guyer, Jr.

Defensive Player of the Year — Allie Rivers, Trophy Club Nelson, Jr.

Co-Offensive Players of the Year — Marshall Davis, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Brittany Crabtree, Guyer, So.

Goalkeeper of the Year — Morgan Rushing, Denton, Sr.

Midfield Player of the Year — Tiffany Dang, Birdville, Jr.

Utility Player of the Year — A’lexa Bain, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.

Offensive Newcomer of the Year — Gairy Natividad, Guyer, Fr.

Co-Defensive Newcomers of the Year — Katina Tsapos, Trophy Club Nelson, Fr; Ashleigh Lyons, Guyer, Fr.

Coach of the Year — Kenny Blevins, Guyer

First team

Megan Stokes, Guyer, Sr.; Peyton Bucklew, Guyer, Jr; Kaitlyn Caro, Guyer, Jr.; Tatianna Hernandez, Guyer, Sr.; Madison Hall, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Lynnsey Brim, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Darla Hyde, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Megan Kurosky, Birdville, So.; McKenna Jetton, Birdville, Sr.; Stephanie Sorrells, Birdville, Sr.; Kristi Lantrip, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Jessica Lantrip, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Hannah Neece, Argyle, Jr.; Audra Webbe, Argyle, Sr.; Kyla Petrie, Denton, Sr.; Kirsten Holmes, Denton, Jr.

Second team

Mikayla Renfroe, Guyer, Jr.; Telia Young, Guyer, Fr.; Taylor Heaton, Guyer, Sr.; Nicole Coetzer, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Nadja Meyer, Trophy Club Nelson, Sr.; Jaiden Brown, Birdville, So.; Sammi Moore, Birdville, Jr.; Jade Ware, Birdville, Jr.; Ryleigh Bohnenstiehl, Lake Dallas, So.; Kelly London, Lake Dallas, So.; Regan Steider, Lake Dallas, Sr.; Keely Brewer, Lake Dallas, Jr.; Cassi Hargrove, Argyle, Jr.; Laine Lowery, Argyle, Jr.; Alana Burns, Denton, So.; Camilla Rosin, Denton, Jr.