This weekend is set to be a rainy one, but Denton's Civic Center Pool and Water Works Park will host their sneak peek sessions Saturday and Sunday. 

Denton has a lots of opportunities to cool off on the hot summer days. 

Water Works Park has four giant water slides, a new wave pool, a play pool, lazy river and sand volleyball. The water park also has things like swim diapers for toddlers and concessions. A day at the water park will more than get little ones' wiggles out. 

The Denton Civic Center Pool is a popular community pool with added features —  slides and shaded spots, water features like sprinklers and sprayers. The civic center pool is an affordable option for many a family, with daily admission under $5. 

The Denton Natatorium — a facility the Denton Parks & Recreation Department shares with Denton Independent School District — has aquatic fun under a roof, including a twisting slide, a basketball goal and spots to perfect your diving skills. 

But not all local children are ready to dive in to cool summer fun just yet. Texas has more than 350 miles of shoreline, about 187 man-made reservoirs (many of them named and used as lakes) and probably tens of thousands of residential swimming pools. Add that up with Denton's many municipal aquatic offerings and you have days of fun for children and teens. If your young charges aren't confident around the water — or if it's getting to be the time to get your children out of their floaties — don't fret. Denton Parks & Recreation has loads of swimming lessons for children and adults. 

Swimming lessons started the first week of May and continue through July. To register for lessons, visit the Denton Parks & Recreation online portal. Swimming lessons range from $41 to $65. Semi-private and private lessons range from $80 to $160. 

Water Tots 

For: Ages 6 months to 3 years

Class ratio: 10 students per 1 teacher

Games and songs build swimming readiness for parents and children. Parents learn how to teach their children skills to develop their child's confidence, coordination and safety in the water. 


For: Ages 3-4

Class ratio: 5 to 1

This introduction to water emphasizes comfort, safety and basic water skills. Preschoolers learn to float, kick, alternate their arm action, blow bubbles and safety rules. 

Level 1: Intro to Water

For: Ages 5 and up

Class ratio: 6 to 1

Swimmers build from beginner skills. They get an introduction to freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. The goal is for students to get a greater sense of confidence and independence in the water. 

Level 2: Fundamental Skills

For: Ages 5 and older

Class ratio: 6 to 1

Swimmers builds from Level 1. They learn more about alternating arm action, rhythmic bobbing, front and back glides and safety. To enroll, swimmers must be able to walk 5 yards in chest-deep water, retrieve an object underwater and float either with or without support.

Level 3: Stroke Development

For: Ages 6 and older

Class ratio: 6 to 1

Swimmers build on the basics and develop intermediate swimming skills — rotary breathing, dolphin kick and safety. Swimmer also practice the freestyle and elementary backstroke. To enroll, swimmers must be able to float (front and back) unsupported, perform front and back glides unsupported and demonstrate alternating arm action.

Level 4: Stroke Development

For: Ages 6 and older

Class ratio: 6 to 1

Swimmers build on the basics and practice advanced swimming techniques, such as building endurance by swimming familiar strokes (including the front and back crawl). Swimmers practice swimming greater distances. Participants will learn how to add arm movements to the scissors kick for sidestroke and will start learning back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly.

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